General information

Nukus is a relatively large city of Uzbekistan. It is located at a distance of 800 km. from the capital, in the heart of Karakalpakstan. If you go by car from Tashkent, the distance will equal to 1100 kilometers.

How to get to Nukus

It is possible to get here almost by any ways, except, perhaps, marine. In particular, you can come by train or car. Tourists can fly by plane from Tashkent, Moscow, and also from some other cities of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. Every evening a train departs from Tashkent, but it travels for almost a day.

Climate in Nukus

The climate here is sharply continental, rains are extremely rare. It’s hot during the most of the time. Particularly the climate features are justified by the neighborhood of the Kyzylkum desert.

It is best to go here in the spring. In the summer careless tourists risk to get sunstroke.

What to see in Nukus

Annually thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Nukus, so that they can see with their own eyes the living reproach of nature for all humankind - the Aral Sea. However, the Aral Sea isn’t the only thing that attracts tourists.

There is Muynak city not far from the Aral, with a long-dead and buried cemetery of ships. The skeletons of the ancient ships are a rather scary sight. But, nevertheless, it is romantic.

What to do in Nukus

The first, where it is recommended to go on arrival in the Nukus, is the Savitsky Museum. It will be interesting not only for those who are fond of history and archeology, but also lovers of painting, especially the avant-garde genre, as well as other art trends. The museum includes several expositions. In particular, it has the exhibition of Russian avant-garde paintings of the early twentieth century collected by I.V. Savitsky.

Then it is possible to go and see Janbas-kala. For those who do not know: this is the remains of an ancient settlement. According to archaeologists, it never had in its architecture either towers or minarets, which distinguishes it from other constructions. On the other hand, a city wall of unusual shape is in an excellent condition.

One more historical monument - the Mizdakhan Complex (IV century BC) is located not far from the city of Khodjeyli. Its infrastructure includes an ancient cemetery and several other buildings. It is noteworthy that this place of interest has not only historical value, but also a great religious significance. Annually thousands of pilgrims come to see it.

The next stop is Shamun-Nabi. This mausoleum was constructed in the XVIII century. It was built in honor of the famous oriental healer. However, the actual place of burial is still unknown. When studying the mausoleum, scientists discovered that the grave ... is empty. Moreover, an interesting fact is that the building has 7 domes, which according to the belief dedicated to the 7 daughters of the wonder worker.

“Fortress in the wind” - this is how the name of the ancient settlement of Ayaz-Kala (4th century BC) is translated. Supposedly, the construction got this name due its location. It was built right in the middle of the moving sand of the desert.

According to legend, the new ruler of the city was chosen as follows: the falcon was launched into the sky. And the successor of the previous ruler was the one to whom the bird sat on the head.

What to buy

Despite the fact that Nukus is relatively young, various areas of applied art have been developed here since ancient times. Therefore, it is possible to buy many kinds of handicraft products here, the design of which cannot be confused with any other.

The following souvenirs are the most popular among tourists:

  • various caskets;
  • applications and clothing with applications;
  • statuettes made of wood, stone, ceramics, etc.;
  • leather accessories.

Where to stay in Nukus

Currently there are many rest-houses and hotels of different level of comfort in Nukus. Naturally, they differ in the cost range.

The maximum cost of rooms in 4-5-star hotels can reach $200 («Rahnamo Hotel»)

The average cost of a hotel room in hotels at the level of 3-stars will be $50-60. Service here is definitely simpler. However, you will get an opportunity to get acquainted with local culture and traditions. In particular, “Jypek Joly” hotel is famous for its identity. The hotel is located in the Sarayeva street (house 28).

The most budget-friendly option for today is the “Nukus” hotel. The cost of a double room here is 35$.

Where and what to eat

The first thing that a hungry tourist should try on arrival in the city is beshbarmak. This dish represents thin boiled dough. It is served with broth, plenty of meat and greens. In addition, you can try a full assortment of dishes of Uzbek cuisine here.

Useful contacts

24/7 Help Desk for Tourists: 8 371 200-00-88 or +998 71 200-00-88

Nukus airport: +998 61 226-00-23

Nukus railway station: +998 61 223-29-58, +998 61 223-29-52


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