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"Janbas-Kala": the great fortress of archers

"Janbas-Kala" was a defensive fortress of the ancient Khorezmians, the construction of which archeologists refer to the V century BC. It is located in the present Karakalpakstan, in the sandy lands of Kyzylkum. It is difficult to imagine what kind of weather it has endured for more than two thousand years, however, retaining its walls to our time.

"Janbas-Kala" surprises with its thoughtfulness and solidity. The ancient builders so cunningly approached its construction that it served as a decent defense for about 5 centuries. It was rectangular in shape, measuring 200 by 170 meters. Had 2 protective walls, towering to 10 meters in height, and the fortress itself was located on elevated terrain. Walls had numerous niches for archers, which served mainly to defense of the fortress. Getting to the main gate was also not easy: a narrow corridor led to them, which simply did not allow storming the main entrance. Archers immediately shot the enemies one by one, not allowing them to move inwards.

Another interesting feature of the fortress "Janbas-Kala"

The uniqueness of the fortress does not end there. Another of its features is the complete absence of any towers characteristic of defensive buildings. What is the reason - is not yet known. Outside the gates of the fortress there was a small settlement of 2,000 people engaged in farming and cattle breeding. In addition, there is reliable information that the population of Janbas-Kala worshiped Zoroastrianism. A “temple of fire” was found inside the walls, adjoining one of the fortress walls and serving as the center of the spiritual life of the population. There were ceremonies, rituals and, of course, the sacred fire always burned, as confirmed by the remains of ash found in the temple.

What ended the fate of "Janbas Kala"

The unique fortress "Janbas-Kala" fell in the I century of our era. The reason for this was the invasion of nomads, who conquered its powerful walls. A bloody battle was fought for many days, as evidenced by the arrowheads found everywhere. Unfortunately, no one restored the famous fortress, and over 2 thousand years it almost completely lost its original appearance. At present, from the once-massive fortress, visitors can see only high yellow walls covered with sand and dunes, only reminiscent of the former glory and strength of the unique structure of Khorezmians.

Excursion to the fortress "Janbas-Kala" is ideal for novice archaeologists, lovers of unusual quite surroundings, as well as those who are really interested in the ancient history of past civilizations. Visit to the remains of this building is a great opportunity to plunge into the ancient world, its culture and originality, to feel the uniqueness of another cultural heritage in the modern world.

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