Mizdakhan complex

Location - Nukus

All about the unique complex with the "world clock"

One of the oldest architectural complexes, Mizdakhan, is shrouded in many beautiful legends and tenements. About 2 thousand years ago, in the territory of the present Republic of Karakalpakstan, a small Zoroastria town was located. This is evidenced by numerous unique finds: assuaries for the burial of the departed (typical of Zoroastrianism), glasses, coins and other attributes of life. The complex was located on 3 hills and consisted of several buildings: “Gyaur-Kala” fortress, a necropolis, as well as mausoleums “Mazlumkhan Sulu”, “Khalfa Yerezhep” and “Shamun-nabi”.

Each monument has its own history and, of course, legends. "Gyaur-Kala", for example, is called the "Fortress of the Unfaithful". This is due to the change from worshiping fire to the Islamic religion after the seizure of the settlement by the Arabs. The fortress was protecting lands of Khorezm for a long time, and nowadays there are several towers and walls left from it, which are striking in their durability.

The necropolis is considered almost the most ancient cemetery in Central Asia, because its age is more than 2 thousand years. A remarkable feature that amazes visitors is the stairs leading from the burials towards the sky. They are called "tabyta". As the locals say, they are needed in order to facilitate the departed movement in another world.

"Mazlumkhan Sulu" - a unique underground mausoleum.

A very atypical structure for Central Asia has become one of the reasons for frequent visits to this most ancient place. Usually we are accustomed to contemplate high, powerful walls with painted slender towers of ancient fortresses and mausoleums. But this structure can surprise: on the surface of the earth only large old domes are visible. You can get inside by a staircase leading deep into the ground into a spacious and cool room. According to legend, the ruler of those times had a daughter named Mazlumkhan, a prominent beauty, for whose heart not a single dozen suitors fought. But she liked an architect. Then the father ordered that he would give his daughter to the one who builds a high tower in one night, one that reached the sky. The architect in love managed to do this, but the ruler still didn’t give his blessing. Lovers jumped one after another from the highest minaret and were buried together in this mausoleum.

Mausoleum Erezhep Khalifa - "world clock", counting time left till the end of the world.

Mausoleum Erezhep Khalifa is considered one of the most mysterious and mysterious historical sites. There are legends and tales about him, and thousands of pilgrims come to this place to prolong life on Earth. How is this possible? There is an ancient legend that it is in this mausoleum that the “world clock” is located, leading the count of all life on Earth. Each year, one brick falls from a building, and when all fall completely, the world will end. Thousands of believers fold little pyramids out of 7 bricks, sincerely believing that this will prolong worldly life and fulfill cherished desires.

What else is unique mausoleum with the "world clock"?

In addition to this belief for many centuries, there is an opinion that here is the grave of Gayomard - the very first person on Earth in Zoroastrian mythology. And if we consider that scientists identify Khorezm with the birthplace of fire-worship, this implication is quite the place to be.

The great hills of Mizdakhan are very attractive for tourists. One of them, under the name "Jumarta summit", especially attracts women. Near the summit is the mausoleum "Shamun-nabi", known for its increasing in size sarcophagus. You can find out why in the separate article devoted to this mound.

The rich history, full of legends connecting several religions, makes pilgrims come together from all over the world. Here cherished wishes are fulfilled, people are sated with good intentions and bright energy, and the expression “holy place is never empty” is very appropriate. Still thinking where to make ziarat pilgrimage? The oldest complex "Mizdakhan" is one of the most suitable places for this sacred goal.

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