Charvak lake

General information

Charvak Lake (or Charvak reservoir) is located at a distance of 60 km from Tashkent. Good and not a remote location makes it a perfect place even for a one-day rest.

How to get to Charvak lake

Three times every day trains depart from Tashkent to the Khojikent station, which is located near the lake. You will have to take a taxi from Khojikent to the lake. However, this method still remains the most economical. An alternative way is to take a minibus from Tashkent to Gazalkent, and get on another bus to Khodjiket, or immediately to one of the beaches on the lake. You can get to Lake Charvak by car directly from Tashkent – just flag a taxi from Buyuk Ipak Yuli subway station.


The time of trip shall be defined by its goal. If you want to go fishing, it is better to come in September-October. And do not forget to get permission for fishing!

If you are going to swim, the most optimal period is May-August. However, you need to be more careful in the sun in summer - there is a great risk of serious sunburn!

What to see

Do you remember the village of Brichmulla, once sung in the famous song of the Nikitins? So, it is situated in Charvak! The villages of Bogiston, Sidjak and others are also located here.

There are also many historical monuments here. For example, close to the nearby Paltau River, you can see Obirahmat - the oldest camp of the people of the Mousterian period.

In the village of Khojikent it is also recommended to visit the cave of Chinor. It is interesting because the ancestors of modern man left their marks here. There are many rock paintings on the walls of the cave.

What to do near Charvak lake

In addition to the aforementioned fishing and bathing, here you can find more extreme entertainment. Do you want to raft on the river? Then come here in spring. Rafting equipment can be rented here. Rafting is carried out along the river Ugam, and sometimes along other rivers that flow into Charvak Lake.

In addition, it is possible to rent a paraplane here. Just keep in mind that the newcomer of the paraplane activity will be able to make his first flight only with an instructor. Although it is not very romantic, but safe.

Fans of MICE-tourism also come here. By the way, nearby hotels have everything you need not only for comfortable living, but also for holding various kinds of team-buildings.

Where to stay near Charvak lake

There are many hotels, recreation areas and children’s camps not far from Charvak. In addition, tourists can look for accommodation in the private sector (cottages). However, keep in mind that in the summer period the prices for such accommodation are much higher.

Where and what to eat

It is possible to eat in improvised cafes, located in the open air in private houses. Hotels and recreation areas here also have their own restaurants and bars.

Often, it is possible to prepare dishes using your own products. But first, you will have to agree it with the management of the recreation area, you can also rent a place for a bonfire and cooking on open fire on one of the beaches.

As for the cafes, guests are usually offered exclusively local cuisine.

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