Tips for traveling to Uzbekistan with children

We have not forgotten about our youngest travelers - about children. After all, they should not be an obstacle to your desire to change your surroundings, to see other countries and just relax. Traveling with children is not as difficult as it seems, and sometimes much more interesting. Joint trips unite family, make relationships more solid, because taking care of a child in unusual conditions is a real challenge. The comfort and peace of children should be taken care more carefully, so we offer you our helpful tips.

Moving without whims

If you want to travel without tears and whims, so that the hours on the plane fly unnoticed, do not forget about the main distracting attribute - your children's favorite toy! It seems such a trifle, but it is able to lure and pacify your naughty baby. And for the sweet tooth, you can stock up on his favorite candies.

Sun and frost protection

If your trip with a child falls in the summer, be sure to bring hats, sunglasses and sun creams with you. Panamas, caps and hats fit better with the strings, because small nimble fidgets strive to lose something.

In winter, you should definitely bring along a warm pair of socks, a small compact thermos for excursions, as well as mittens and a hat (again, with ties).

Most important thing: children's health

Based on the possible ailments of your child, first think about what medicines may be needed during the flight, excursion or hike. Make a list of drugs and do not forget about such trifles as baby wipes, ear sticks, baby’s dummies and the like. It happens that there is no possibility to go to the store, but the thing is needed right now. Take care of this in advance so as not to waste time on unnecessary fuss.

Taxi and public transport security

In Uzbekistan, there is almost no taxi and public transport with installed boosters and child car seats, so a seat belt adapter would be an excellent option. It is compact and does not take as much space as a portable chair. It always helps out in spontaneous car trips, conveniently fixing your child.

Even if you have taken everything you need and think that even the end of the world is a piece of cake for you with such an arsenal, there are no children without surprises. Your child may experience an allergy to interseasonal temperature drops, a negative impact of a flight or unusual food. By the way, cases of poisoning of tourists in local cafes and restaurants of Uzbekistan are practically not recorded, because the food here is always natural, fresh and high-quality.

And even if something happens, you should not worry: in almost any pharmacy you can find everything you need, ranging from simple patches (they can be useful in hiking trips) and ending with infant formula. Pharmacies in Uzbekistan can be found almost on every corner, which greatly simplifies life in unforeseen situations.

Still wondering whether to take a child or not? Don’t think twice and take even the smallest children with you, because the main thing on a trip is the right preparation. Get ready with BOOKATOUR and spend more time with your children!

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