Kumtepa Bazaar in Margilan

Location - Margilan

"Kumtepa" bazaar is a large market of Margilan, a key center in the life and economy of the city. It is located 5 kilometers west of the city center. Life here is boiling, especially on Sundays.

The time seems to stop here: welcoming sellers in traditional clothes invite passers-by to their goods.

Kumtepa Bazaar in Margilan

Rows of ripe, bright and juicy fruits that grow in the summer in the rich soil of the valley are scattered on the stalls. Rows of bread, entice with a variety of types of local flour products. Piles of watermelons and melons, colorful rows of spices and dried fruits - all this makes you plunge into the colorful eastern market, the eastern fairy tale of abundance and hospitality.

Margilan being the center of silk production, its main bazar offers a wide range of fabrics of manual and factory production, the cost of which starts at 50 US cents.

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