Yodgorlik Silk Factory

Location - Margilan

The "Edgorlik" silk-weaving factory produces high-quality hand-made silk in Uzbekistan. It was founded in 1972 in the city of Margilan, which is the center of silk in Central Asia. Products of the weavers of the region were one of the goods that spread along the Great Silk Road to Greece, Egypt, Kashgar, Byzantium, Baghdad.

Hand weaving in the territory of Uzbekistan has existed for more than 2500 years and for the first time the cocoons of the silkworm have been cultivated in the territory of the Fergana Valley in the 7th and 8th centuries.

Yodgorlik Silk Factory

Today’s factory

The factory's productivity reaches six thousand meters of silk and cotton fabrics a month, woven by hand by 450 masters of ancient technology.

The technological process of the appearance of a silk masterpiece on light consists of the coloring of fibers obtained from the silkworm and the arrival of finished threads on a loom for manual bookmarking of the finished product - fabric matter. Nowadays, weaving machines have different sizes in width, and in ancient times the latitude of the machine was standard at 264 millimeters.

The factory produces such varieties of fabrics as: adras, dzhuzhincha, snipe, khan-atlas (royal silk), shoyi, bos. For Uzbek fabrics, “abroviy” art is typical, the reproduction of which on fabric is an art.

The factory works not only on the domestic market, with an ever-growing interest in modeling clothes based on traditional motives, but also exports its fabrics to India, Iran, Russia, Korea, Germany on the basis of long-term agreements and contracts.

The factory demonstrates to the guests all the stages of making of the silk product, from the cocoon to the finished product. You can see the stage of drawing a pattern on the fabric and buy a piece of history, embodied in the fabric produced today in the walls of the factory.

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