Ruins of the ancient settlement Ershi

Location - Andijan

One of the most interesting historical sites of the Fergana Valley are the ruins of the ancient settlement called Ershi. The history of this city is plunged into a deep past. Referring to the Chinese primary sources of II-I centuries BC on the territory of the present Ferghana Valley there was a rich and densely populated state - Davan. The capital of Davani was the large city of Ershi, through which the Great Silk Road passed.

The inhabitants of the city were famous for their excellent ability to trade.

Agriculture on the territory of Davani was very well developed, especially the cultivation of "mu-su" grass (now it is called alfalfa). Throughout the country there were large fields of grapes, which was a valuable product and raw materials for winemaking. In Davani horse breeding was highly developed The locals bred rare breeds of Fergana horses, which are in great demand among aristocrats, because these thoroughbred animals were especially beautiful and enduring. The Chinese people called them "Heavenly Horses". As a result, the Chinese attacked Davan in order to expand the borders of their country, and at the same time to get pedigree horses.

In the Middle Ages, Davan was renamed as Mingtepa, during the reign of the Turks.

Over time, the country began to collapse, the reason for this was a decline in active trade on the Great Silk Road and multiple conquests. The population gradually began to move to a new place and established a new city there, which is now called Andijan.

At present, the ruins of Ershi are located 30 kilometers from the city of Andijan.

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