Galleries and Exhibitions

Art always reflects the mood and spirit of today. To be open to it or to turn away, to understand or not to understand is a private matter for everyone. But this does not cancel the fact that art always was a kind of conscience of the time in which we live. Each exhibition is a contemporary view of the artist, an embodiment of his perception of the world.

To promote modern and classic art in Tashkent, in addition to museums, art galleries are open, where exhibitions, various festivals and art conferences are held.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Central Exhibition Hall at the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

In terms of area - one of the largest exhibition halls in Central Asia. Includes a hall of sculpture and graphics, a hall of painting and a hall of applied art, where you can see works of both famous masters and young adepts who are just looking for their way. Thus, in the monumental building of the hall, the established traditional art on the one hand, and the young art, striving to go beyond the boundaries, on the other, whirl in a continuous dance, showing new sides in the familiar images. The visitor is left to feel the atmosphere reigning here.

International Karavan-Saray Culture named after Ikuo Hirayama

This unusual name for the cultural center was not accidental. Its activities are connected with the study of the history of the Great Silk Road. And where, if not in the caravanserai, a shelter and rest for travelers and merchants can be found. This story began in Japan in 1999, at the meeting of the leaders of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and the eminent Japanese artist Ikuo Hirayama. Then it was decided to create an original project - a special cultural center in Tashkent, the object of study of which will be the legendary Great Silk Road.

Energy, inexhaustible interest and zeal in the matter of cooperation in this most interesting project created space in which the world of the Silk Road is resurrected.

It was the "Caravanserai" that became the focus of the efforts of various institutions in the study of the ancient trade route. But after all, sincerely and openly touching something, we acquire a particle of it. Therefore, after visiting the "caravanserai", equipped with a library, exhibition halls, a laboratory and a workshop, a guest is immersed in a special world, which cannot be left without inspiration.

Tashkent House of Photography

The history of the Tashkent House of Photography dates back to 1934. It was built in the style of eastern medieval architecture. The idea belongs to the architects K. Babievsky, A. Petelin and the artist V. Rozvadovsky. It’s a magnificent structure, although it suffered, but could survive the famous earthquake of 1966.

Today the Tashkent House of Photography is one of the centers of various exhibitions, festivals, conferences, where masters from dozens of countries take part.

Among the events, the Tashkent International Photographic Biennale holds a special place.

Fans of photo art can always enjoy works of not only Uzbek, but also foreign masters here. Those interested in photography can also get photo lessons, visit master classes and photo courses.

Galleries of contemporary art

Among the modern institutions for the development and dissemination and popularization of art in various formats, today, it is impossible not to mention the galleries called "Art and Fact" and "ZERO LINE". These are the most interesting "laboratories of art", which, taking into account modern achievements, constantly improve the methods of filing the idea embodied in the work.


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