Uzbekistan Crafts

Currently the revival and development of traditional arts and crafts is fully supported by the government of Uzbekistan. Walking through ancient cities, it is impossible to miss many workrooms and souvenir shops, where the diversity of traditional art is represented. It is woodcarving, ceramics, carpet weaving, embroidery, blacksmith’s craft, miniature art, making dolls and others.

Uzbekistan Crafts

Workrooms are typically located in a certain part of the city and not far from each other. To facilitate the search, the coordinates of some of them are presented below:

Craftsmen of Tashkent

Wood carving

Amirzhanov Sherzod
Address: Tashkent, "Chorsu" market, "Oltinghumbaz" center of craftsmen
Phone: +99897 774-87-84

Kudratov Zafarjon
Address: Tashkent city, Abdulkasim Sheikh Madrasah
Phone: +99893 384-07-31

Mavlonov Botyr
The address of the workroom: Tashkent city, Barakhkhan Madrasah. Office: Almazar district, S. Rakhimov street, 17
Phones: +99871 240-63-10, +99893 570-79-89

Nigmatov Mirsaid
Address: Tashkent city, "Hazrati Imam" Complex, "Barakhkhan" Madrasah.
Phone: +99890 933-77-71

Miniature painting

Badalov Nozim Ubaidullaevich
Address: Tashkent, "Chorsu" market, "Oltinghumbaz" center of craftsmen
Phone: +99890 138-07-42

Making dolls

Ibragimov Urinboy
Address: Tashkent region, Yangiyul district
Phone: +99890 320-58-76

Nasiba Ahmedova
Address: Tashkent city, Amir Temur street, 107, "TashkentPlaza" Art Center
Phones: +99890 324-26-51, +99871 294-45-87

Rishtan ceramics

Kadirov Ravshanjon
Address: Tashkent city, "Chorsu" market, "Oltinghumbaz"center of craftsmen
Phone: +99891 673-34-33

Porcelain painting

Rimma Gazalieva
Address: Tashkent city, Chilanzar 5 - 46
Phones: +99890 167-65-39, +99871 273-40-17

Craftsmen of Samarkand


Dilorom Mukhtarova
Address: Samarkand city, Rukhabad (souvenir shops)
Home workrooms: Samarkand city, Termez street, 223 (Moulin Mahalla) Phone: +998 93 340-23-22

Craftsmen of Bukhara


Avezov Sherali
Address: Bukhara city, "Nodira Divan Begi" Madrasah
Phone: + 99893622-43-46 Email:

Jasur Orziev
Address: Bukhara city, M. Ambar street, Second trading dome and Karavan-Saray "Nugai"
Phone: +99865 221-09-14, + 99893 383-24-98

Safarov Davlat Khaidarovich
Address: Bukhara city, B. Nakshbandi street, the "LyabiHauz" square

Subhanov Shavkat
Address: Bukhara city, "Abdulazizhan" Madrasah
Phone: +99897 303-49-87

Toshev Davron
Address: Bukhara city, B. Nakshbandi street, "Nodira Divan Begi" Madrasah
Phones: +99865 225-68-05, +99890 718-05-68

Miniature painting

Artikov Azizbek
Phone: +99893 459-666-0

Gold embroidery

Jumayev Bakhshillo
Address: Bukhara city, Khakikat street, 47
Phones: + 99865221-47-03, + 99891415-52-43

Kuchimova Feruza
Address: Bukhara city, orienting point – "Tajmahal", school №34
Phone: +99893 475-09-89


Narzullaev Alisher
Address: Bukhara region, Gijduvan town, Navoi street, 45
Phone: +99893 474-07-81

Narzullaev Abdullo
Address: Bukhara region, Gijduvan town, Kimsan street, 55
Phone: +998 90 718-30-60

Nashvanov Azamat
Address: Bukhara city, Khakikat street - Abdulazizhan Madrassah
Phone: +99898 274-68-77

Wood carving

Jumaev Elyor
Address: Bukhara city, "Nadira Divan-Begi" Madrasah
Phone: +99890 741-71-41


Ikramov Sayfullo
Address: Bukhara city, Khakikat street, 6
Phones: +99893 383-07-70, +998 90 510-07-70, +99893 458-07-70

Usto Shokir Kamalov
Address: Bukhara city, Khakikat street, 2nd trading Dome.

Shavkitdin Kamalov
Phones: +99893 626-44-48, +99865 224-57-65.

Copper chasing

Kosimov Tohir
Address: Bukhara city, Khakikat street, 29
Phones: +99890 636-59-95, +99891 410-07-15

Carpet weaving

Kosimov Ulugbek
Address: Bukhara city, Karavan-Saray "Sayfiddin", orienting point - "Kalyan Minaret".

Pulatov Shukhrat ("Tim Adullakhan Silk center")
Address: Bukhara city, Khakikat street, 6
Phone: +99893 625-00-50

Craftsmen of Khiva

Making dolls

Matyakubov Bobomurod
Address: Khiva city, Ichan Kala, "Alibaba" shop

Abdullaev Umid
Address: Khiva city, Ichan Kala, the shop near the minaret of Kalta Minor
Phone: +99891 914-85-41

Making traditional headdresses

Abdullaev Jamoliddin
Address: Khiva city, Ichan-Kala (orienting point - a stand at the walls of the Ark fortress)
Phone: +99891 919-50-50

Carpet weaving and ethnic embroidery

Matyakubova Mekhribon
Address: Khiva city, Yakkubbaya hodji Madrasah, Suzane - Center
Phone: +99891 919-75-70

Traditional art and craft is the voice of ancestors, because they reflected the way of life of people who lived centuries ago. If people preserve traditional arts and crafts, carrying them through the ages - this indicates a strong internal connection with the past, respect and esteem for their culture and history. Respect and esteem of ancestors is an original inherent feature of the peoples of the East and Uzbekistan hasn’t become an exception in this sense.

So, from generation to generation, arts and crafts are passed from a father to a son, from a master to a learner. Education in the East is learning from heart to heart, in a direct communication. Master ("Usta") being in a close contact with the student gradually conveys the secrets of his craft. Having devoted years to the practice of technical performance, the learner eventually opens up a qualitatively new meaning in what he does - he is the bearer and continuer of tradition.

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