Kyzyl Canyon

Location - Boysun

The Kyzyl Canyon is essentially a unique ecosystem of a closed type. It was created by nature itself. The length of the canyon is 30 km. The highest point of the area is Mount Buritath, 1300 meters high. The name of the canyon translates literally, like the "Red Canyon".

Kyzyl Canyon today

For many centuries of its existence, the canyon, of course, was exposed to time. The creative nature has made the landscape radically different from any other that you can see outside the canyon. At times it seems that you are on another planet - the image of the canyon is so dissonant with the rest of the world. For most of the year it looks like a stone desert. But in the spring everything here is covered with a bright carpet of herbs and flowering poppies. By summer the terrain completely dries up, and the canyon takes on its former, stern look.

Kyzyl Canyon

By the way, in the spring there are many different types of medicinal herbs. The animal world of the canyon is also very unordinary.

The landscape of the canyon is full of mountain gorges. Descending without a guide is not recommended - you can get lost in the insidious labyrinths of the dungeon. By the way, local residents use carefully prepared grottoes as auxiliary rooms for various needs.

When traveling here, it is recommended to communicate with the locals - their life keeps a lot of interesting. And they look very colorful.

Kyzyl Canyon in Tourism

Tourists are struck by the rich animal and plant world of this area. Of course, it has long been fond of fans of mountaineering, and other, no less extreme entertainment. Naturally, they come here and those who are eager to get acquainted with ancient customs and traditions, learn something new about the ancient rituals, which are observed here to this day.

Photo: Mysterious Uzbekistan

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