Acquaintance with Baysun - tour with a local guide

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A magical excursion to the unique Baysun, lost among the mountains, located in the heart of southern Uzbekistan. Surrounded by mountains and canyons on all sides, this region has managed to preserve its secrets, traditions and rites. On this tour you will see one of the most beautiful and distant corners of the wild nature of the mountain Baysun.

You will visit the famous "iron gates" and gorges of Derbent, which played an important role in the history of Central Asia. You will visit sacred places and see deep caves from which flowing streams of water flowing into mountain rivers flow.

You will see one of the wonders of Uzbekistan - Kyzyl Canyon, whose labyrinths stretch for many tens of kilometers.

Baysun is full of miracles, you will visit a gravitational anomaly, where, as if contrary to the laws of physics, everything moves from the bottom up. In conclusion, you will visit the ancient hospital of Omonkhon, which gives health to people since the time of Alexander the Great and Tamerlane.

Start of the tour: Boysun Accommodation: Guesthouse.
End of tour: Boysun Tour category: Sightseeing tours, Corporate tours.
Duration: 2 days / 1 nights Сities: Boysun.
  • Day 1: Boysun

    Meeting at the station in Baysun.

    Transfer to the guest house, breakfast.

    Tour start:

    • Derbent gorge;
    • Zindonak grotto;
    • Hojimoyot tract;
    • small trekking in Kaptharhon canyon (4 km).

    Lunch in nature.

    • Visit the sights of the Kyzyl canyon;
    • Rock Ship;
    • Fortress of Alexander the Great.

    Return to Baysun, accommodation in a guest house or in a hotel (optional)

  • Day 2: Boysun


    Continuation of the tour:

    • Zaur Boshi Canyon;
    • track 6 km to the tract Hujakishkor-ota;
    • visit to the shrine of Hujakishkor-ota.


    • Visit to the gravitational anomaly;
    • visit to the shrine and source of Omonkhon (tour);
    • visit to the cliffs and a short walk in the Kyzyl canyon.

    Return to Baysun.


    Transfer to the station.

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What's included
  • transport service along the route;
  • guide services;
  • meals according to the program (breakfast, lunch, dinner);
  • declared excursion program;
  • accommodation in a guest house.
What’s not included
  • meals outside the program;
  • alcoholic drinks;
  • additional excursions.