Omonhona Shrine and Health Resort

Location - Boysun

Omonhona: a holy spring wrapped in legends

For sure, every tourist, who once was in Uzbekistan, heard about the wonderful holy spring of Omonhona. It is located near the settlement of Baysun. By the way, in the city and surrounding villages, ancient traditions, customs and rituals are still preserved. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that there are many folk legends connected with this natural spring.

According to one legend, once Alexander the Great left several mortally wounded soldiers here. However, on the way back, he found them healed from wounds and full of life. During the absence of the commander, wounded soldiers drank water from the spring.

Another legend says that a plague came to the nearby villages that did not spare either people or animals. Desperate, the local Sufi appealed to God. And then a vision came to him, from which he learned the location of the wonderful spring.

Omonhona Shrine and Health Resort

Omonhona in modern times

Today the spring has become a place of pilgrimage for local residents. For them, it is not only a source of mineral water (which is recognized throughout the world), but also a shrine. Therefore, to come here means to make a small pilgrimage.

It is noteworthy that water here really helps to prevent many diseases. In particular, not so long ago water from Omonhona began to be sold in the country's market. As practice shows, it helps to cope with the diseases of kidneys, liver and stomach.

By the way, not only the spring has interesting properties, but also the caves located next to it. Since ancient times they have been used as a natural cooler for oil storage. It was kept here until autumn.

By the way, there is also a creepy legend connected with the caves, stating that the one who will try to steal the oil will remain in the cave forever.

Omonhona in medical tourism

Today medical tourism is actively developing in the vicinity of the spring. In particular, a dispensary is organized here. It is noteworthy that water from the spring helps to get rid of even such serious diseases as cirrhosis and hepatitis.

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