Ziyara tour to Uzbekistan

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Start of the tour: Tashkent Accommodation: 3 stars.
End of tour: Tashkent Tour category: Historical tours, Sightseeing tours.
Duration: 7 days / 6 nights Сities: Tashkent, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz, Samarkand.
  • Day 1: Tashkent

    Arrival to Tashkent.

    Transfer to the hotel.

    Check in time at 14:00.

    Complex of Khasti Imam: Mausoleum  of Kaffal Al-Shashi (XVI c) - the tomb of Imam Abu Bakr Mukhammad al-Kaffal Shashi, he is known as one of the first Muslim Imams and famous poet and prophet; Mosque Namozgoh (XIX c); Madrasah of Barak Khan (XV-XVI cc) – was built by Suyunij Khan, first ruler of Uzbek dynasty of the Shaybonids; Mosque of Tilla-Shaykh  (XIX c); Mosque of Muyi Muborak – (XX c) the oldest Qurani Karim  of Sayidina Osman is kept; Mosque of Khazrati Imam (2005); Abdulkhasim Sheykh Mausoleum (XIX c) – this place is well known as the center of traditional arts and rich with souvenirs; Shaykh Zaynuddin Bobo (XVI c) the son of founder of sufistic branch Sukhravardiya of Sheykh Ziya ad-dina Jakhima Sukhravardi.


    Night at the hotel.

  • Day 2: Tashkent - Bukhara

    Transfer to railway station at 07:20, departure  to Bukhara at 07:30-11:17 by high speed train "Afrosiyob".

    Meet and transfer to the outside of Bukhara.

    Visiting the Maqams of 7 great Sufi Saints of Bukhara: Abd Al-Khalik Al Gijduvani (1103-1218/20) in the city of Gijduvan, 50 km from Bukhara,founder of sufistic branch "Khodjagon"; Khoja Mukhammad Arif ar-Revgari (1165-1236/37) famous khaliphet of Abd Al-Khalik al-Gijduvani, near to the city of Shafirkan; Khoja Makhmud Anjir Fagnaviy (1286) the famous khaliphet of Khoja Mukhammad Arif ar-Revgari, in the village of Anjirbog of region of Vabkent; Khoja Ali Rometani (1191-1321) (Khoja Azizon) the famous khaliphet of Khoja Makhmud Anjir Fagnaviy, from the village of Kurgan under the city of Rometan. Amrillo Sultonov has been working as imam-khatib for 15 years in the complex. 

    Return to Bukhara.

    Dinner and night at the hotel.

  • Day 3: Bukhara


    Continuation of Ziyara Tour:  Khoja Mukhammad Boboyi Samosi (1335/36) the famous khaliphet of Khoja Ali Rometani, in the village of Samosin Rometan; Khoja Said Mir Kulol (1281-1370) was born not far from the village of Sukhor. Famous as spiritual master of Bakhouddin Naksband; Khoja Mukhammad Bakha-ad-Din Nakshband (1318-1389) 12 km from Bukhara, in the village of Khasri Orifon. Mukhammad ibn Jaloliddin Khojai Buzrug became famous under the name of Bakhouddin Nakshbandi - founder of one of the most famous branches of Sufism - branch of "Nakshbandiya".

    After lunch Visiting the oldest part of Bukhara: visit Samani dynasty mausoleum, Ark Fortress, Chashma-Ayub, Kalon ensemble, madrasah Miri-Arab, Magoki-Attori mosque, madrasah Ulugbek and Abdulazizkhan, trade domes, Lyabi Hauz complex. Folklore and fashion show - included.

    Night at the hotel.

  • Day 4: Bukhara - Shakhrisabz - Samarkand


    Transfer to Shakhrisabz (270 km, 3-4 hours)

    Arrival in Shakhrisabz.

    Transfer to Kitob (10 km)

    Ziyara of Kitob: Khazrat Dervish Mukhammad (1562) Cousin of Khoja Ubaydullah Akhror's khaliphet Mukhamma Zahid; Khojagi Mukhammad al-Amkanaki (1512-1600) the son of Khazrat Dervish Mukhammad as-Samarqandi.

    Drive to Shakhrisabz (10 km)


    Ziyara of historical places in Shakhrisabz: Ak-Saray Palace - summer residence of Great Timur (XIV-XV cc); Complex of Dar-us Saadat: Mosque of Imam Khazrat (XIV c); Mausoleum of Jakhangir - the eldest and dearest son of Great Temur (XIV c); Amir Temur burial vault (XIV c); Complex of Darut-Tillavat: Mosque of Kok Gumbaz - (XV c) was built by Ulugbek from the name of his father Shakhruh; Gumbazi Seiidon Tomb (XV c)

    Transfer to Samarkand (160 km, 2 hours)

    Transfer to the hotel and accommodation at the hotel.


    Night in Samarkand.

  • Day 5: Samarkand


    Ziyara of Samarkand: Mosque and Tomb of Khoja Ubaydulla Akhror was head of “Nakshbandiya” in XV c; Madrasah of Nadir Divanbegi; Mausoleum of Khoja Abdi Berun; Mausoleum of Gur-Emir (1403-1404) burial place of Amir Temur and his dinasty; Rukhobod mausoleum (1380) burial place of Shaykh Burkhoniddin Sagardji; Mausoleum of Khoja Abdi Darun; Reghistan square (XV-XVII cc) – the heart of Samarkand, consists of 3 madrasahs: Madrasah of Uughbek, Madrasah of Tillakari and Madrasah of Sherdor.


    Continuation of Ziyara Tour:  Mausoleum of Khazrat Imam al Moturidi (2005); Mausoleum of Abulays as-Samarqandi; Mausoleum of Prophet Daniyar (XX c); Mosque of Sayidina Khidr (a.s.) (IX c) the first mosque in Samarqand; Necropolis Shakhi Zinda (XI-XIX cc) burial place of Kusam ibn Abbas - cousin of prophet Muhkammad (s.a.v.); Mosque Bibi Khanim (1399-1404) was built for the honour of wife of Amir Temur; Madrasah of Bibi Khanim (XIV c)


    Night in Samarkand.

  • Day 6: Samarkand - Tashkent


    Ziyara of outside of Samarkand (25 km): Ziyara of the Mosque and Mausoleum of Imam al-Bukhari (Al-Bukhari Mukhammad bin Ismail Abu Abdallakh al-Djufi (810-870); Mosque and Mausoleum of Makhdumi A'zam - (XVI c) 21st dynasty of Prophet Mukhammad Mustafo (s.a.v.)


    Transfer to Tashkent by road.

    Transfer to the hotel and accommodation at the hotel.


    Night in Tashkent.

  • Day 7: Tashkent


    Free day.

    Check out at 12:00.

    Transfer to the airport

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What's included
  • Uzbekistan tourist visa support (free);
  • accommodation in mentioned hotel twin room sharing (with the breakfast);
  • transportation in A/C comfortable with professional driver;
  • professional English speaking guide;
  • Tashkent - Bukhara high speed train Afrosiyob (economy class);
  • entrance fees for all mentioned monuments (per program);
  • halal meals: Breakfasts at hotels and lunches, dinners - at the restaurant local (1 dinner inside madrasah Nodir Devan Begi folklore and fashion show);
  • mineral waters in the car/bus - per a day.
  • 10-12 pax - Kinglong, Joylong;
  • 14-20 pax - You Tong, King Long;
  • 22-40 pax - You Tong, Higer.
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  • international air flight tickets;
  • uzbek visa fee;
  • photo and camera fees;
  • alcohol drinkings;
  • single supplement.





Le Grande Plaza, Golden Valley 


Asia Bukhara, Malika Bukhara


Asia Samarkand, Emirkhan

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