General information

Andijan is a city located in the Fergana Valley. Currently, the population of Andijan is about 450,000 people. The age of the city is over 2,000 years. In addition, the city is notable for the fact that it was here where Zahiriddin Bobur was born.

How to get to Andijan

You can get to Andijan by plane. Direct connections are available with Moscow and St. Petersburg. There is also a railway connection with the nearby cities of Uzbekistan such as Tashkent, Bukhara, Urgench, Margilan, and Kokand. You can also drive your own car or arrange a private car at the bus station in Tashkent.


The climate here is continental, subtropical. Most of the year (over 200 days), the weather is warm and dry. Therefore, you can go to Andijan any time from April to November. Summer here is not too hot (if you compare it with other cities in Central Asia). The average air temperature in summer is about 30-33 degrees. In winter, it falls to -5-15. Precipitation level is relatively low - just over 200 mm.

What to see in Andijan

In 1902, a major earthquake of large scale and magnitude occurred in the city, destroying not only many residential buildings, but also architectural monuments. Therefore, the natural disaster destroyed almost the entire historical heritage. However, some objects still survived.

In particular, the Jami Madrasa was preserved. This religious school was built in the nineteenth century. In essence, it’s a large-scale complex, which also includes a mosque and a minaret, from which the muezzins called on believers to pray and gather. The complex occupies an area of 1.5 hectares. Moreover, the length of the madrasa itself, which is more than 120 m, is really amazing.

Ruins of the fortress Ershi are located near the city. Once upon a time, there was the capital of the ancient state of Davan. Although, looking at the ruins of the site of ancient settlement today, it is rather difficult to believe in that. This sightseeing is located 30 km from Andijan.

Things to do in Andijan

In the spare time, you can visit the local history museum. Nowadays, it represents more than 60,000 exhibits, studying which you can imagine a quite complete picture of the history of Andijan, the way of life, culture and development of its people.

Do you want to know more about the life of the poet and commander Babur? Then you should visit the house-museum dedicated to this great figure. Many various objects related to his life are collected here.

The Museum of Literature and Arts will be of interest to those tourists who are keen on learning about the activities of mostly contemporary artists and writers of the city.

Walking and wildlife fans are strongly encouraged to visit Babur Park. It is remarkable for the variety of its flora - today you can see about 60 species of trees alone, without taking into account various herbs, flowers and shrubs.

In addition, there are many theaters, cinemas, cultural centers, parks and museums here.

What to buy

If you want to go shopping, you’d better choose central markets (bazars) over shops. The choice of products is wider and the prices are lower there. So what should you buy? First, of course – molded ceramics and pottery, which Andijan has been famous for since olden times.

Further on the list of purchases are shawls of pictures with decorative gold embroidery.

Where to stay in Andijan

Those guests who seek maximum comfort during their stay in Andijan will enjoy a 4-star hotel “Hamkor”. It is located right in the center of the city, in a half-an-hour walk, both from the station and from the airport. Here you can book a tour guide. Also, you can try a variety of dishes both of national cuisine and other meals in the hotel’s restaurant.

A private hotel “Elite” (2 stars) is considered to be a more modest hotel by service and price. It is located near the New Bazaar.

Useful contacts

24/7 Help Desk for Tourists: 8 371 200-00-88 or +998 71 200-00-88

Andijan airport: +998 74 228-48-46, +998 90 482-45-45

Andijan railway station: +998 74 228-42-85


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