General information

Beldersay, the river and the ski resort at the same time, is located in the Bostanlyk district of the Tashkent region. This river and its surroundings have long become a popular holiday destination, which is in great demand not only among locals, but also among foreign tourists.

How to get to Beldersay

Beldersay is located at a distance of 5 km from the Chimgan tourist base. From Tashkent, you can get here by car in an hour or a little more if you drive the road along the mountains above the Charvak lake. You can flag a taxi from the Nikitin street, near the Buyuk Ipak Yuli subway station. You can also take an electric train or shuttle bus to the city of Gazalkent, and then a taxi – the trip would be much cheaper!


The climate here is quite cool; there is a lot of snow. If you want to get here just to ski, then you need to choose a period from December to March inclusively. Yet, many tourists prefer to go between April and November, when the mountains are available for mountain hikes. Considering this trend, we can say that the resort welcomes guests almost year-round.

What to see

Climbing up to the top of the Beldersay gorge, tourists will be able to see petroglyphs - rock paintings made by primitive hunters. The average age of the drawings is 6-10 thousand years. Primitive pictures reflect scenes from the life of a human of that time. Mostly, scenes of hunting for wild animals are depicted here. In addition, there are those that depict the first domestic pets - dogs, goats, cats, etc.

What to do in Beldersay

Ski sports competitions are annually held here – both amateur competitors and world-class athletes may take part. Several ski tracks have been created for this purpose. In particular, the longest horizontal track of all that exist in the country is located here. By the way, you can rent skis and snowboards here.

Those who don’t know how to ski, don’t like skiing, or simply prefer something more extraordinary, can ride on a nearby cable car. This “suspended” journey will be very exciting, if only because its length is 3000 meters.

Moreover, here you can simply climb around on rocks, wander through forests and admire nature. From the top of the mountains, you can enjoy a stunning view of the valley of the Chirchik River.

It is also recommended to visit a nearby weather station on top of Kumbel Mountain.

It is possible to go fishing or swimming in the nearby Nurekata River.

Where to stay in Beldersay

There are many hotels and recreation areas not far from Beldersay. The most popular among tourists is “Beldersoy Oromgohi” (4 stars). The hotel infrastructure has a swimming pool and a sauna for relaxation after winter entertainment. You can dine here too - in the a la carte restaurant.

The approximate cost of a room is US$ 90-125.

A less upmarket hotel “Snow Leopard” ($60-75) is a less expensive option. It is also possible to choose a room in the private sector or stay in the guest house of one of the nearby sports complexes ($25-50). Skiers and snowboarders with a small budget can even take a berth at a weather station on the top of Kumbel mountain.

By the way, please note that it is rather difficult to arrange currency exchange here. Thus it is advisable to think about the it while still being in Tashkent.

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