Taste of the East - Tour from St. Petersburg (Comfort)

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Uzbekistan is a country of bright colors, rich cultural heritage, historical monuments, amazing culinary, where you should visit at least once in your life!

On your journey you will try both familiar, famous dishes, and rare, inherent only in some small corner of Uzbekistan. We will tell you the story of each dish.

Start of the tour: Bukhara Accommodation: 3 stars.
End of tour: Samarkand Tour category: Historical tours, Sightseeing tours.
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights Сities: Bukhara, Samarkand.
  • Day 1: St. Petersburg - Bukhara

    Departure from St. Petersburg by flight NY 642 at 06:20.

    13:10. Arrival, meeting with the Dolores Travel Services sign.

    Hotel accommodation.

    Dinner at a city restaurant.

    Night at the hotel.

  • Day 2: Bukhara

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    09:00. City Tour:

    • Ark Citadel - a city in the city (4th century BC);
    • Bolo Hauz Mosque (beginning of 20th cent.);
    • Architectural ensemble Poi-Kalon (Great Pedestal), the religious heart of Sacred Bukhara, consists of Kalyan minaret, Kalyan mosque and Miri-Arab madrasah;
    • Ulugbek Madrasah (1417);
    • Madrasah Nodir-Devon-Begi;
    • Madrasah Abdul Aziz Khan;
    • Magoki Attori Mosque (12-16 centuries);
    • Lyabi Hauz Ensemble (14-17th century);
    • Kosh Madrasah Ensemble (consisting of two opposing Madari Abdullahan Madrasahs (mother of Abdullahan) and Abdullahan Madrasah;
    • Mausoleum of Samanids (tomb of representatives of the Samanids dynasty of the late 9th - early 10th century);
    • Mausoleum of Chashma Ayub (Spring of Job);
    • Chor Minor (Four Minarets).

    13:00. Lunch at a local restaurant: lamb kabob main course.

    Lamb is a characteristic ingredient in oriental dishes. In the east, in addition to famous milk lambs, sheep meat is valued. The meat is light red in color, with elastic fat, very fragrant! Also in Central Asia, lamb is considered one of the "purest" varieties of meat. And, although lamb has a rather specific taste and smell, it is absorbed by the body almost completely.

    19:00. Dinner at the Doston National House.

    Night at the hotel.

  • Day 3: Bukhara - Samarkand

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    10:00. Visiting shopping domes (without a guide)

    Moving to Samarkand, through the city of Gijduvan with an inspection of Ulugbek Madrasah, Mazar Abd al-Halyk Gijduvani and a visit to the workshop of a famous potter and through the city of Vobkent with an inspection of Vobkent Minaret (12th century)

    13:00. Lunch at the guest house. Main dish - Uzbek kebabs.

    In Uzbekistan, kebab occupies a special place. If in Russia kebab is a trip to the countryside, a weekend, then in Uzbekistan it is eaten almost every day, for lunch, with a stick or two, to shurpa or pilaf. Every self-respecting Uzbek knows well where excellent kebab is served. These are sacred places - they are shared. What can I say - in the East, great importance was attached to the meal. Real Uzbek kebab is prepared as soon as the guest has sat down at the table. While he is drinking tea and resting, the masterpieces are stringing pieces of meat and fat tail fat onto skewers.

    Arrival in Samarkand, accommodation at the hotel.

    19:00. Dinner at a local restaurant.

    Night at the hotel.

  • Day 4: Samarkand - St. Petersburg

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    09:00. Tour of Samarkand:

    • Mausoleum of Guri Emir - the tomb of Tamerlane (14-15 century) - the place where Amir Temur, his sons and grandchildren are buriedat;
    • Bibi Khanum Mosque is the largest in Central Asia and one of the largest in the entire Muslim world. It is on this building that anyone who enters the city gazes at. Huge, majestic, silent ...
    • Registan Square is one of the outstanding examples of urban planning art in Central Asia, which developed in the 17th century and consists of three madrassas - Ulugbek (1417-1420), Sher-Dor (1619-1636) and Tilla-Kari (1647-1660 .). On it you can "turn over the pages" of the thousands of stories of Samarkand.

    13:00. Lunch at the national house at Muboro Sharipovna. Main dish - manti.

    This is a traditional meat dish in Central Asia. Served in the middle of the table on a shared platter, and eaten by hand. Optionally, you can consume with diluted vinegar or tomato seasoning. It consists of finely chopped meat in a thinly rolled dough, steamed in a pressure cooker (manty dish, a special device for cooking steamed dishes)

    • Architectural complex of Shahi-Zinda (11-15th century) is the burial place of royalty and nobles. But the main mausoleum, from where the necropolis begins, is considered the imaginary grave of the cousin of the prophet Muhammad - Kusam Ibn-Abbas. He was called "Shahi Zinda", which in Persian means "Living King";
    • Ulugbek's Observatory (15th century) - Ulugbek's scientific works were created thanks to the unique observatory that he erected in Samarkand. The main stationary tool was a giant quadrant, placed inside a cylindrical building with a diameter of 48 m (the remains of the foundation, or rather the trenches from it, were found during archaeological research).

    17:00. Transfer to the airport for departure to St. Petersburg with flight HY639 at 19:55-23:05.

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What's included
  • accommodation in these hotels with twin accommodation (registration of accommodation);
  • food: full board according to the program;
  • comfortable air-conditioned transport for the entire route;
  • meeting/seeing off at the airport;
  • excursions to monuments and monuments in Russian;
  • local city guides during the tour;
  • good mood and excellent service.
  • 1-2 people - a car with up to 4 seats;
  • 3-8 people - a minivan up to 10 seats.
What’s not included
  • international air ticket;
  • alcoholic and soft drinks;
  • entrance fees to the indicated monuments (paid on the spot);
  • cost and visa application (if not citizens of the Russian Federation);
  • fees for photo and video shooting in museums;
  • gratuities and porters at hotels/airport;
  • personal expenses;
  • other services not listed above.





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