8th March in Uzbekistan

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8th March is the most beautiful and gentle holiday of the year. And such a holiday should be celebrated in a beautiful and sunny Uzbekistan.
And of course a bottle of red wine to the BEAUTIFUL LADIES as a gift.

Start of the tour: Tashkent Accommodation: 3 stars.
End of tour: Bukhara Tour category: Historical tours, Sightseeing tours.
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights Сities: Tashkent, Bukhara.
  • Day 1: Tashkent

    Meeting guests with a VERSAILLES TRAVEL sign.

    Arrival in Tashkent.

    Accommodation at the hotel.

    Tour in Tashkent:

    • Mausoleum of Kafal al-Shashi Mazar;
    • Kukeldash Madrasah;
    • Tashkent's oldest bazaar – Chorsu.

    Night in Tashkent.

  • Day 2: Tashkent - Bukhara


    Departure at 07:30 to Bukhara from Tashkent.

    Arrival in Bukhara at 11:15.

    Meeting guests at the exit of the station building.

    Tour of the old city: Bukhara has preserved the medieval layout, so that every building, every house on its curved narrow streets carries the charm of antiquity. Temporary boundaries are erased here, here you lose the sense of time ... The architecture of the city includes acquaintance with such monuments as:

    • Lyabi Hauz Ensemble: Hanaka and Nodir Divan Begi Madrasah (XVI century), Kukeldash Madrasah (XV Century), a monument to Khoja Nasreddin.
    • A walk under the trading domes (XVI century):
      • Toki Saraffon, Toki Telpak Furushon, Toki Zargaron, where artisans (jewelers, miniaturists and others) sell their products;
      • Caravanserai of Bukhara;
      • Tim Abdullahan (16th century), a covered bazaar used to trade expensive silk fabrics;
    • Ulugbek Madrasah (XV century), built by the grandson of Tamerlane. At the entrance, the inscription in Arabic script belonging to the Prophet Muhammad reads: "The desire for knowledge is the duty of every Muslim and Muslim woman";
    • Abdullazizkhan Madrasah (XVII century);
    • Kalon Mosque (XVI century);
    • Mir-i-Arab Madrasah (XVI century), in which the head of Russian Muslims Ravil Gaynuddin and the dead President of Chechnya, Ahmad Kadyrov, were formerly mufti;
    • Kalyan Minaret is a symbol of Bukhara, for centuries, served as a beacon for caravans in the desert, approaching Bukhara. Another name of the minaret is "tower of death", according to one of the legends, unfaithful wives and free-thinking Bukharians were thrown from the minaret;
    • Ark fortress is a majestic citadel, the habitat of the rulers of Bukhara, a stronghold of power and authority (I century BC - XIX century);
    • Chashma Ayub Mausoleum (XII - XVI centuries), inside is the source of healing water, St. Job (Ayub);
    • Samanid Mausoleum (X century) - the pearl of the architecture of Central Asia, the family tomb of the Samanid dynasty.

    Night at the hotel.

  • Day 3: Bukhara

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Transfer to airport.

    End of the tour.

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What's included
  • accommodation in standard twin rooms in 3-star hotels;
  • breakfast at hotels;
  • guide in each city;
  • transport for the entire route with air conditioning and a refrigerator: minibus or bus;
  • excursions specified in the program in the cities: Tashkent, Bukhara;
  • train tickets for the high-speed train Afrosiab Tashkent - Bukhara (economy class);
What’s not included
  • flights;
  • full board meals;
  • entrance tickets to monuments and museums.





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