Chorsu Bazaar

Location - Tashkent

Chorsu - the most colorful and original ancient market of Central Asia

"Chorsu" is the world famous bazaar, which was formed about 1000 years ago. The word "Chorsu" means four streams of water, which symbolizes the "crossroads". In ancient times, the central road from the main gate of the city passed through the place of the bazaar. From the central road the streets divaricated, on which the settlements were formed. At that time there were mahallas "Sebzar" (garden park) and "Eski zhuva" (old fortress). These settlements were established around the Tashkent oasis, near the canals of the Chirchik river.

Significant development of the Chorsu bazaar was due to the passage of the Great Silk Road across the road of Maverannahr. Endless ranks of rich shopping caravans majestically came to the city, and they certainly stopped here.

Well-groomed green land, watered generously with water, in which the skilled farmers, skilled craftsmen and craftswomen lived.

The caravan stopped here to rest and exchange goods. Evidence of this is still remained as caravanserais in the old city.

Merchants, sellers, artisans exhibited their best goods here. Everything was in demand: pottery, artfully painted in national style, cotton products, jewelry of natural stones, finished animal skins, spices, dried fruits, including dried melon. Juicy spicy ethnic cuisine has always been and is a special joy for the guests.

By the variety and number of proposals at the market, it was possible to judge the level of development of craftsmanship, agriculture, and livestock. Finally, it showed how productive the year was.

Chorsu Bazaar

Bazaar Chorsu is the heart of Tashkent, Uzbekistan and Central Asia in general

This place is a cluster of a wide variety of people. Various merchants, artisans, craftsmen, cooks, bakers, and even street artists gathered and still come from all around the area.

Today Chorsu is a large territory, where various masters trade and offer their services. Here, a colossal assortment of national clothes, dishes, carpets, products made of cotton. Traditionally abundance of national products, food, spices, dried fruits. A large selection of fresh meat is a feature of the "Old City”s offer.

The main pavilion of the Chorsu bazaar is made in the form of a dome, whose diameter reaches 350 meters. Inside there are three floors and hundreds of sellers who cordially greet visitors.

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