A pottery park

Location - Tashkent

A pottery park - space for fantasies!

The pottery park is located near Uzbekistan Avenue, on Zarafshan Street, which is behind the Bolshoi Theater named after Alisher Navoi. The second name is "International Garden of Ceramics". In a green well-groomed park, the most diverse ceramic sculptures of the best ceramists from all over the world are presented. Most of the objects are nameless, which makes them even more mysterious and strange. Indeed, it can be hard to figure out many sculptures. And at that moment an interesting thing happens: viewers begin to fantasize and imagine. To some people, a sculpture seems like a waterfall, to another it looks as an intricate object or animal. All this turns into a fascinating walk in the fresh air while learning, along the way, about one of the oldest kinds of craft. For example, the most ancient ceramic found is the "Venus of Dolni Vestonice", made almost 30,000 years ago, which indicates how ancient the craft of pottery is.

A pottery park

Ceramic craft is the oldest kind of pottery art, which was rapidly developing throughout Central Asia. Like many centuries ago, today in Uzbekistan the development of ancient traditional crafts continues, national traditions are not forgotten, and the former heritage is revived.

A striking example of this is the house museum, which belongs to the well-known Uzbek master-ceramist Mukhitdin Rakhimov. A house museum dedicated to the pottery is located on the Adyla Mukhtarov street (adjacent to the Mainon Uyghur street) of the Shayhontohur region, which is only 6 km from the ceramics park. Visiting the house-museum of ceramic products will be an excellent addition to a walk through the ceramic garden, embodying a full-fledged excursion to learn about ancient crafts. Thus, the guests of the capital have an excellent opportunity to arrange a real cultural overview of the art crafts of Uzbekistan with visual works of the hereditary ceramist.

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