Chapel of Saint George the Victorious

Location - Tashkent

The chapel of Saint George the Victorious was built in Tashkent in 1866 near the small residential mahalla (microdistrict) Kamolon. This name was given to the mahalla in honor of the once standing here large Kamolon gates, which have not survived until now. Currently, the mahalla is called "Yangi Kamolon" and is located in the Chilanzar district on Bunyodkor Avenue, across the street from the Alisher Navoi National Park. It is here that you will find a small dilapidated chapel, built in honor of the soldiers from the detachment of General Chernyaev, who stormed Tashkent in 1865. Religious Christian construction was erected over the grave of 24 Russian soldiers and named in honor of the revered martyr - Saint George the Victorious. And for a reason, since ancient times this Christian saint was considered the patron of soldiers and fighters.

Chapel of Saint George the Victorious

Not far from the abandoned chapel there is a Muslim cemetery and a mosque also called "Kamolon". Near the chapel a small square once flourished, which was taken care of by local residents and veterans of the war. And if you find yourself in Tashkent, this is quite a good place to visit, especially since many travel agencies conduct excursions here and tell about the history of battles and their outcomes. Therefore, it will be interesting to look at the ancient abandoned chapel and pay tribute to the memory of the soldiers.

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