Minor Mosque

Location - Tashkent

The Minor Mosque is a modern religious structure located in Tashkent city. It was built just recently, in 2014. Its construction began on the bank of the water channel Ankhor following the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov and it took about a year to finish the process. The opening of the mosque took place on the eve of the sacred holiday – Eid al-Adha and became the best gift for local Muslims.

Minor Mosque

The Snow Mosque

The modern mosque differs from other religious buildings because is not made of bricks, which is used in traditional methods, but of white marble, that is why the mosque is called "snowy" among the locals. Indeed, the sun's rays reflected on the marble make the mosque seem to shine and sparkle. Moreover, it gets special beauty in snowy winter, when it looks like a real snow castle under a layer of snow decorated with shining night lights.

The white mosque is decorated with two minarets and a traditional blue dome, and the interior is simply amazing with its beauty and grandeur. Along with elegantly decorated walls, a huge dome is also fascinating - a real work of art. The mosque is quite large; it can accommodate more than 2400 people and is equipped with special rooms for voodoo (ritual ablution of Muslims). It has everything needed for a prayer.

From the very first day of its opening, the mosque has turned into one of the main spiritual centers of Tashkent that now gathers hundreds of Muslims, becoming one of the most important sights of our city.

Photo: rutraveller.ru

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