Ancient settlement of Shashtepa

Location - Tashkent

The ancient settlement of Shashtepa is the earliest place of settlement of various cultures in the territory of the modern city of Tashkent. The very first settlement is confined to the burguliuk culture, whose representatives lived here in the 9th-7th centuries BC. The age of the capital of Uzbekistan is counted from that time.

Ancient settlement of Shashtepa

The ancient settlement of Shashtepa is located in the south of Tashkent near the Djun canal, and at present it includes remains of an ancient citadel and dugouts. From the 12-meter high citadel there is a small hill, and the rest of the territory of the ancient city has long been given away to modern buildings. Nevertheless, in an area of 25 hectares, archeologists have found many interesting things. It was established that the representatives of the Bourguliuk culture engaged in agriculture, grew barley and wheat, and bred cattle. Among their tools of labor sickles, daggers and knives were found, as well as painted ceramic dishes. It was during this period that weaving was born, which firmly entered the local life and subsequently became an integral part of the national culture. The first inhabitants of the ancient settlement of Shashtepa were not distinguished by architectural delights and skill, the architecture was only emerging, and therefore the first settlements were made in the form of small dugouts, roofs were thatched, and so-called cooking stoves were located inside.

The earliest finds, discovered by archaeologists, date back to the 3rd century BC and this, of course, attracts new scientists and tourists. They hope to find something else interesting here, to solve old riddles and to comprehend the ancient secrets of the city. And if not, then at least one can listen to interesting stories of local townsmen about the ancient settlement of Shashtepa, it is very exciting and interesting.

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