"Zangi-ota" memorial complex

Location - Tashkent

"Zangi-ota" memorial complex – a bright memorial of the "dark" saint

The cult-memorial complex "Zangi-ota" is located 20 km from the city of Tashkent. Its historical composition includes such religious buildings as "Zangi-ota" mausoleum, "Anbar-bibi" mausoleum, a minaret, a madrassa, a memorial mosque and an ancient cemetery. The complex received its name in honor of the famous Islamic saint and theologian Zangi ota, who was also a follower of the Sufi mystic Ahmed Yassavi. The real name of Saint is Hazrat Ai Hodja ibn Taj Hodja, and the nickname "Zangi ota" he received because of his dark colored skin.

The famous preacher and distributor of Islam Zangi Ota died in 1258, and the mausoleum built in his honor by the order of Amir Temur in the 13th century immediately became a very popular place of pilgrimage. Later, he was joined by other religious buildings, among which is the very popular mausoleum of his wife Anbar-bibi.

Legends about the complex "Zangi-ota"

There are many legends about the ancient complex "Zangi-ota". According to one of them, the wife of Sheikh Zangi was the patroness of fertility and motherhood. After her death, thousands of women came and continue to come to her tomb with requests for treasured motherhood. Many believe that if you bow to a saint and pray for your desire, it will come true.

According to another legend, Amir Temur initially intended to build a mausoleum for Saint Ahmad Yassavi, but the walls of the building were constantly collapsing. Then Yasavi appeared in Temur’s dream and said that first you need to rebuild the mausoleum for Zangi ota. So Temur did, and the construction was a success.

In the religious Islamic complex "Zangi-ota" reconstruction was carried out, after which there appeared a hauz (small pond), well-kept ponds, covered arbors, well-maintained alleys and green lawns. All this creates a special comfort for visitors, tourists and pilgrims.

The memorial complex "Zangi-ota" is rightfully considered one of the main sights of the city of Tashkent and a real religious building of the Islamic religion. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this sacred place, ask for help and fulfillment of desires. Requests voiced on this holy land do not remain unheeded.

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