Palace of Youth Creativity

Location - Tashkent

Palace of Youth Art - mass introduction to art

The Palace Of Youth Creativity is located in the city of Tashkent on Mustakillik avenue in Yunusabad district. It was built in 2008. The initiator of its creation was the President of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov, and the very opening of the palace was timed to the state program called "Year of Youth". The whole of 2008 was devoted to the full support of young generation, its development and enlightenment, and the palace built for these purposes became a real gift to young talents.

Palace of Youth Creativity

Since that time creative activity has been boiling in the palace: exhibitions, summits, cultural and educational events, concerts, creative meetings, seminars and much more are held here. It organizes exhibitions of applied and fine arts, as well as increasingly gaining its popularity – the photo art - ability to create artistic photographs. This kind of creativity is becoming very popular in modern cultural society and allows young people to move in a new direction.

Young people of all ages participate in exhibitions: from the smallest talents to more experienced and adult figures. Their works often combine both national themes and contemporary art. The unique palace is divided into 3 exhibition halls, and there are also special creative laboratories designed to conduct classes in various kinds of art and to perfect their skills.

The Youth Creativity Palace is a unique cultural structure with the newest advanced technologies, designed to massively introduce a new generation to national and contemporary art. Among its guests there are a lot of tourists admiring the works of Uzbek youth and who want to get acquainted with the culture of the people of Uzbekistan and draw an analogy between the traditional and new modern art

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