Tashkent Broadway

Location - Tashkent

Tashkent Broadway - a cluster of street art

The street of the Tashkent Broadway is called "Sayilgoh". It unites the two most important and beautiful squares of the capital: Amir Temur Square and Mustakillik (Independence) Square. Tashkent's Broadway is perhaps the most favorite holiday destination among the urban population. At any time of the year there are always a lot of people here: walking youth, students, families with children having a rest and, of course, tourists. Without a visit to the capital's Broadway, not one tour of Tashkent is complete. This is also explained by its convenient location in the heart of the city, close to such famous sights as the monument to Amir Temur, the State Museum of the Temurids' history, as well as the famous "twin brothers" - the Tashkent chimes.

Tashkent Broadway

After a fascinating tour of these sites, a walk along the Broadway is an excellent continuation of the excursion and the opportunity to relax outside in the shade of perennial trees. By the way, Tashkent Broadway is not only a quiet place for rest, but also a concentration of interesting entertainment. The most popular are cycling and street artists. With the help of the former you can combine sightseeing and sport. Street artist can draw your portrait in different styles. Broadway is a very original place where every talented person can show his abilities: one draws beautifully, another sings and plays instruments, and others shows tricks. Among them, you can often meet fans of board games, such as chess or checkers and play with them.

In addition to the creative atmosphere that hangs in the air of Broadway, there is also a modern cinema, a shopping center, shops and cafes, where you can also enjoy some leisure time. Walking along the Tashkent Broadway, be sure to walk along the rows of paintings and crafts, they are real works of art. Among them you can buy national souvenirs, because there are so many and for every taste.

The Tashkent Broadway has always been the favorite street of the city and remains it until now. And it seems that there is no more place in Tashkent, so cozy and simple, so talented and picturesque, so unique and native, where it is so nice to be both a city dweller and a guest of the capital.

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