Japanese cemetery

Location - Tashkent

Japanese cemetery in Tashkent

The Japanese cemetery is located in one of the central parts of Tashkent - the Yakkasaray district, inside the cemetery called "Fozil-Ota". A resident of Uzbekistan Mirokil Fozilov, like his father, was the caretaker of this cemetery for a long 40 years. Taking care of the cemetery in this family is a common affair, passed down from generation to generation. Merit and valuable contribution of this family did not go unnoticed: Mirokil Fozilov, being at the age of 75, was awarded the Imperial Order of the Rising Sun and Silver Rays for protecting the graves of Japanese prisoners of war and maintaining order in the cemetery. On its territory there are 79 graves of Japanese prisoners of war, who were sent here after the World War II. Prisoners of war built a road for transportation of equipment, lived in nearby barracks and every morning they came to work in heavy wooden shoes. Knocking of wood on the asphalt is still remembered in the thoughts of the locals and the cemetery supervisor himself.

Japanese cemetery

One day the Japanese cemetery was visited by Japanese ambassador Kyoko Nakayama. She brought with her a piece of her native land and the national symbol of the Japanese people - the sakura seedling, which Mirokil Fozilov planted next to the graves and took care of it. This was repeatedly noted not only by the ambassador, but by all the members of the Japanese delegation who come to Uzbekistan and visit the cemetery in tribute to the memory of their fellow citizens. As a reward for the work of his entire life, Mirokilo Fozilov was expressed great gratitude, and the cemetery itself was renamed in his honor.

Today, behind the cemetery of Fozil-Ota, his sons take care of it, and the sakura tree still blooms and protects the peace of Japanese prisoners of war. Many tourists from Japan come here to knee, read prayers and honor their fellow countrymen, and recall the post-war years and lay beautiful flowers.

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