Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky

Location - Tashkent

Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky: the main shrine of the church complex

The Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky is located in the city of Tashkent, in the Yashnabad district, on Botkin Street, in the same place as the first cemetery in the city. The sacred church was built in 1902-1904 by the Treasury and the famous businessman of that time - Nikolai Ivanovich Ivanov, thanks to whom a gilded iconostasis was built.

The cathedral is decorated with blue domes and 3 bells, the total weight of which reaches 250 kg. Inside the temple there is a brightly expressed decor of multi-colored frescoes of religious themes and numerous holy icons - all that gives the cathedral a traditional appearance. One of the main shrines of the temple is the holy relics of St. Luke Voino-Yasenetski - bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church. There is also a church shop with traditional stained-glass windows filling the room with light and spiritual energy. You can buy all the necessary ritual accessories here.

Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky

Currently, the rector of the church of St. Alexander Nevski is Priest Sergei Statsenko, and the number of parishioners reaches 200 people. Another unique building located in the church complex is a chapel built in the 1870s in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow". The chapel is a small building with an altar, where sacred worship services are also held. They are conducted daily from 8:00 am, and at 16:00 a confession starts. Every believing parishioner can take part.

The Church of St. Alexander Nevski is the oldest Orthodox church in the city of Tashkent. And one of the most beloved and dear shrines to the city's heart.

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