Namazgokh Mosque

Location - Tashkent

Namazgokh Mosque: in search of a sacred part

Namazgokh Mosque is part of the famous center of the Muslim religion in Tashkent - the "Khast Imam" square (Khazrati Imam). The religious complex began to be built in the distant XVI century and today it also includes the mausoleum of Abubakar Muhammad Kaffal Shashi, the most revered imam of Tashkent. It was in his honor that the sacred square was named. It also includes the madrasah of Barak Khan, the Tillya Sheikh Mosque and the no less famous Namazgokh Mosque. In translation, it means "golden sheikh", and its appearance is confined to the once khan of Kokand - Mirza Ahmed Kushbegi. A mosque measuring 56 x 15 meters is decorated in a traditional style with a blue dome towering to the sky and ganch windows.

Namazgokh Mosque

The legend of the Namazgokh mosque

For many years there is a legend among the locals that the golden hair of the Prophet Muhammad is kept in the walls of the holy mosque Namazgokh. This makes the mosque very popular among foreign tourists and pilgrims literally from all corners of the world. Thousands of religious tourists visit this place to hear sacred hadises, to pay tribute to the memory of great thinkers and to imbue with ancient history.

Currently, near the mosque there is an Islamic Institute named after Imam Al Bukhari, which annually teaches philosophy history of Islam to more than 200 students. All this make the Namazgokh Mosque and the nearby architectural buildings very attractive for many religious tourists, it's not for nothing that this place is considered to be a real religious center of all of Uzbekistan.

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