Museum of History of Timurids

Location - Tashkent

The State Museum of the History of the Temurids was erected by the decision of the President of the Uzbekistan Republic, I.A. Karimov, in 1996. The main purpose of this museum is to preserve the historical heritage of the Temurids, who made a huge contribution to the development of science, culture, art, education and the state itself.

The museum stores over 5,000 different historical exhibits. Among them, military armor and tools, ceramics and copper products, jewelry, astronomical devices, musical instruments, paintings, manuscripts - everything that has survived to the present day and gave great information about the life and culture of that time. Special museum items are: a copy of the Samarkand Kufic Koran (the Quran of Osman, the third supreme Muslim ruler) and the unique panel embodying the whole life of the great Amir Temur. It depicts the life of the commander, represented in three parts: the birth of the future great ruler under the lucky star, the very creative life of Temur himself (represented in his famous buildings), and finally his tomb - the famous mausoleum Gur-Emir. All three parts are connected by a running river, embodying the flow of life and the alternation of events.

Museum of History of Timurids

The museum often hosts international exhibitions in conjunction with countries such as India, France, Germany, Austria, the United States and others. The states constantly exchange ancient unique specimens of the Temurids' time, collecting a huge number of guests and tourists who want to get acquainted with the historical personality of Amir Temur and the products of his success in various fields. Every year more than 2 million people visit the museum, and this number only increases, as interest in the ancient history of the Temurids and all that is associated with them grows.

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