Embankment of the channel Ankhor

Location - Tashkent

Embankment of the channel Ankhor - a great place for a walk

The famous 23 km long water-irrigation canal Ankhor runs along the entire central part of the city of Tashkent. It represents the diversion of another irrigation canal - Bozsu, which in turn originates in the Chirchik River. On both banks of Ankhor there are important buildings of the city, among which the German Embassy, the "Courage" Monumnet, the Pakhtakor stadium, the presidential office building, the Turkestan concert hall and the Minor mosque. Walking along the embankment of Ankhor, it is impossible to get lost, because it passes along very famous buildings.

Embankment of the channel Ankhor

The embankment of the Ankhor channel is very popular among locals and guests of the capital. On hot summer days it is very cool and fresh here, people walk along the shore and enjoy fresh air. In the cold winter, a huge congestion of birds is gathered here, whom everyone is happy to feed. But despite the time of the year, it is always very beautiful and well-groomed, trees and flowers bloom, lovers and families walk around.

A few years ago on the banks of Ankhor, the so-called "walrus club" was active. They were people practicing hardening in the winter season. For the strength of the will and the coldness of cold water, they were nicknamed "walruses", like Arctic animals, who are not afraid of even the most severe frost. Over time, this trend has lost its mass character, but even now you can occasionally meet such swimmers.

Currently, the coast of Ankhor is a great place for leisurely walks in the fresh air. Here you can meet tourists of all ages, for the natural beauty and murmur of the water surface does not leave anyone indifferent.

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