"Amirsoy" Mountain Resort

Location - Tashkent

For the first time in Uzbekistan, a world-class ski resort opens its doors, which is a real joy for residents and tourists. A huge resort zone (almost 900 hectares) is located in the Bostanlyk district of the Tashkent region. Mountain recreation zone "Amirsoy" has already proved itself as the most ambitious and modern project of recent years, and a huge flow of tourists is a confirmation.

Why is Amirsoy recognized as a world-class ski resort?

1. This is a unique network in Uzbekistan of 13 ski slopes, reaching almost 22 km in length and of varying degrees of complexity, both for beginners and professionals.

2. Mountain slopes are equipped with a system of artificial snow made by powerful snowmakers, thanks to which the uninterrupted work of the ski resort is available. Now your skating and mood do not depend on weather conditions, and the trails will always please high-quality snow.

3. Two gondola lifts with a length of more than 3 km are stretched over the territory of the whole "Amirsoy". The cabin capacity is up to 8 people.

4. Highly developed infrastructure. It deserves special attention, since when building a ski resort of this level, almost everything necessary has to be provided:

- a special instructor's school with highly qualified trainers

- conveniently located points for the rental of all necessary ski equipment

- restaurants of national and European cuisine, as well as bars with high service and attention to every guest

- a snowboard park with specially equipped trails suitable for beginners and professionals

- children's playground for the smallest skiers

Another highlight that attracts tourists so much is gastronomic tours in the mountains. Just imagine how pleasant it is to taste delicious Uzbek cuisine at an unprecedented height, surrounded by snow and fresh air. By the way, "Amirsoy" is open year-round, so that lovers of delicious food and excellent rest in the nature, can come at any time of the year.

As you see, the ski resort "Amirsoy" is a completely new level of comfort, a new stage of the world standard, where every guest will feel the thrill of a real active holiday, accompanied by the best service, thoughtful infrastructure and, of course, beautiful scenic landscapes. Be sure to visit this new place and rest assured that indelibly pleasant impressions will not keep you waiting long!

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