TV Tower in Tashkent

Location - Tashkent

The Tashkent TV tower is considered the tallest building in Central Asia, its height is 375 meters, and its weight is more than 6,000 tons. The construction took 6 long years; seismic danger (it is capable of withstanding a 9-point earthquake) was also taken into account, so the tower began its work in 1985. For more than 30 years, it has been successfully fulfilling its main tasks - radio and television broadcasting across Tashkent city and even some parts of Kazakhstan. Beside its intended purpose, the Tashkent TV tower is also a city landmark.

TV Tower in Tashkent

The City in plain sight

Tours in Russian, Uzbek and English are conducted in the TV tower; you can listen to the story of the construction of the tower, as well as the history of the city, which spreads before your eyes from the height of 94 meters. From the observation area, the city panorama and the entire landscape of the colorful capital are best seen. An interesting feature is that you can see almost the whole city from the TV tower, so as it is noticeable almost from any district. From the 100-meter height you can especially see the buildings close to the tower: the Water Sports Palace, where you can swim in the large indoor pool and the State Tennis Court, where you can take a couple of professional lessons or enjoy the game with friends. Next are two favorite places of Tashkent people: the Tashkent water park with 6 different swimming pools and water slides, and also Tashkent-Land - a city amusement park with spectacular attractions, among which is the famous "Roller coaster".

The most unique restaurants of the capital

Tour guides of the TV tower will tell about one more place, which every guest of the capital has to visit - it is the famous Tashkent center of pilaf ("Osh Markazi"), where different types of delicious pilaf, the main Uzbek dish are offered. After visiting the most popular "oshhona" of the capital, no tourist or visitor will remain indifferent to Uzbek cuisine.

You can taste dishes of national and European cuisine in the TV tower itself, namely in the unusual restaurant "Koinot", which translates as "The Universe". The uniqueness of the restaurant is given by an unusual rotating half-platform, which makes an entire turn around its axis in an hour, which allows you to admire the city from different angles. This is a favorite place of tourists, as here you can combine at once two useful things: taste delicious national dishes at an unprecedented height and fully contemplate the capital in an exciting circular panorama. Perhaps this is enough to visit such a unique and grandiose place, the beloved Tashkent TV tower.

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