Alay Bazaar

Location - Tashkent

Alai bazaar - the exemplary market of Tashkent

The Alai bazaar began to form within the city of present Tashkent at the beginning of the last century. According to historical data, the first trade counters appeared here when the neighboring free lands were populated by families of retired soldiers. The wider the area grew, the bigger the bazaar became.

In its early formation, the Alai market bazaar was organized in the open air among trees. According to the memories and records of the people of Tashkent, this was one of the most favorite places for them, because here they could buy everything natural and tasty. In addition, it was possible just to converse with people here. There is no rush on the market: it's interesting to look at everything, try, talk.

Alay Bazaar

What are they selling?

Fruits, vegetables were sold here,  hills of colorful dried fruits and spices stood out separately. Here you can always choose any piece of fresh meat you like. For example, a farmer slaughtered a ram or a calf, and here you are, the meat is brought to the market straight away, people already know  approximately what day and hour they have to go. Fresh and delicious milk products are offered here: cottage cheese, syuzma, sour cream, kaimak, yoghurt, milk. And, of course, freshly baked Uzbek bread is chic! Uzbek breads are sold faster than anything. So it was and so it is still.

Such rare masters as chegachi - "dish repairer", watchmakers, shoemakers worked at the bazaar.

Abundance of choice

As the boundaries of the Alai Bazaar expanded, the fabrics for sale were brought here, pavilions with clothes and shoes appeared, and a separate building for meat and dairy products was specially built. The abundance of goods has constantly increased.

Today, the Alai bazaar is the central bazaar of the Tashkent city. It symbolizes the face of not only the city, but also the republic of Uzbekistan.

At the entrance to the bazaar a two-story building in the form of a semicircle was built, where sellers of jewelry and souvenir products sell their items. Tourist companies rent offices here. All the shopping pavilions of the Alai Bazaar are decorated with the best oriental traditions.

The Alai bazaar is famous for its exceptionally selected products, offer of high-quality clothes, shoes, and goods for the home.

And in the courtyard of the bazaar small restaurants are located. Therefore, it is worth to come here and to taste delicious Uzbek pilaw and other national dishes in a beautiful and distinctive eastern surroundings.

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