Flea market "Yangiobod"

Location - Tashkent

Flea market "Yangiobod" - a rich storehouse of finds

The flea market "Yangiobod" has been famous for its uniqueness and coloring for many years. Like all flea markets, the Yangiobod market literally "boils" on weekends and you can find absolutely everything here! Do you like computers or do you like to collect antique things? Or maybe you are looking for fishing equipment for fishing for a weekend or you dream about buying a cute little animal? Then you definitely should visit this storehouse of all kinds of goods.

Flea market

The so-called "flea market" is divided into particular zones, so you can easily navigate in such a huge space. We can distinguish from the largest zones of: "old and new clothes", "technology", "animals and birds", "musical instruments" and, of course, "antiques". By the way, often among antiques there are quite valuable exhibits worth more than the amount presented at the flea market. And if you are good in ancient collectibles, you can take a walk and look for something really valuable. And then resell it or keep it and replenish your treasured collection.

Walking along such a diverse and saturated market, you start to think: "And who buys all this?". However, for each product, even the smallest and completely useless at first sight, there is a buyer. This is the real highlight of any flea market, because the things there have long lost trend or simply old and out of order are still valued. Even so, many items carry a memory of events that important to us, and when we buy them, we do not let ourselves forget about them.

Flea market "Yangiobod" is a real collection of a wide variety of items and things absolutely for all tastes. Being in Tashkent, you must visit this market, where you can find anything you like, and at the same time walk in endless rows and penetrate the real life of the city.

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