Palace of Prince Romanov

Location - Tashkent

Palace of Prince Romanov in Tashkent: unique princely apartments

Not far from the Independence Square, in the center of Tashkent, a long-standing city sight perfectly survived - the palace of Prince Romanov. Grand Duke Nikolai Romanovich Romanov was born in 1850 and was the grandson of the Emperor Nikolay I. The family scandal over the loss of diamonds determined the fate of the prince, namely his exile to the Turkestan region. So, in 1891 a large residence was built for Nikolai Konstantinovich and his family in Tashkent. The beautiful building was built by Russian architects V.S. Heinzelman and A.L. Benois in the popular architectural style "modern". Decoratively framed facade, graceful forged gratings, bronze statues of deer, well-kept fountain and alleys - all this became a real decoration of the prince's apartments.

Palace of Prince Romanov

Interior decoration of the palace

As well as outside, inside the palace of Prince Romanov was elegantly decorated with carved doors, a patterned staircase, statues and, of course, numerous paintings. In the residence there were separate rooms for the library, billiard room, the quarters of the prince and his wife. Particular attention deserves the wonderful winter and Japanese gardens - the merit of the famous Tashkent botanist and pharmacist I.I. Krause. In the gardens fruit trees, palm trees and flowers grew, streams murmured.

Part of the east in the princely mansion

Among the numerous rooms in the palace, the "eastern room" played a special role for the prince. It was decorated with embroidered Bukhara and Persian carpets, weapons, picturesque Asian paintings and other objects of oriental style. And the main exhibit was a model of the Khiva fortress "Ichan-kala", which Russian forces conquered in the Khiva campaign.

After the death of Prince Romanov in 1918, a museum with a rich collection of picturesque paintings was organized in his mansion. Currently, the palace acts as the Reception House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan and is a unique sight of the city of Tashkent, which attracts admiring views.

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