Solar furnace of Uzbekistan (Institute of the Sun)

Location - Tashkent

The Physic-technical Institute of the Sun was opened on November 4, 1943 in the Tashkent region, namely in the Parkent district in the village "Kuyosh", which translates as "Sun". This village was built exclusively for the Institute's employees and is located near the mountain hills of the Tien Shan, about 45 km from Tashkent. Such a location was chosen by academician S.A. Azimov for a reason. The pure mountain air is very favorable for the 62 heliostats at the institute, by means of which sunlight is better focused at one point. By the way, the temperature at this very fixed point (a lens) reaches an incredible +800 degrees Celsius.

Solar furnace of Uzbekistan (Institute of the Sun)

The research facility itself is striking for its grandeur and scale. It consists of a complex of heliostats, a solar laboratory (a massive solar energy concentrator, 42 meters high) and a famous large solar furnace, second in the world only to a solar furnace in Font-Roma-Odeillo in the south of France. The helio-concentrate is so impressive and spectacular, and 10700 of its small mirrors are so beautifully poured and refracted by the light that this spectacle does not leave anyone indifferent. And at its top at an altitude of 1100 meters is an observation deck, which welcomes tourists showing them the best panorama of the neighborhood, seen from such a height. In front of you, as if on a palm, appears a heliostat field, and the "Sun" settlement, and beautiful mountain ranges. Indescribable beauty!

Activities of the Institute of the Sun

The main object of the Institute is a large solar oven. It is designed to quickly achieve very high temperatures and is used to create high-quality metals and alloys without any impurities. Also in the institute there are many scientific laboratories, in which various research is conducted. Here, modern developments are being created, seminars are being held, and a training center is also functioning, in which specialists are trained. But its main direction is, of course, the study of the main source of energy on Earth - the Sun, its origin, current activity and future evolution, as well as everything directly related to the main star of our galaxy.

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