Tashkent chimes

Location - Tashkent

Tashkent chimes: a gift to Tashkent by a real patriot

Tashkent chimes represent two twin towers, located in the center of the city of Tashkent, near the square of Amir Temur. The first clock tower was built and opened on May 9, 1947, and the second in 2009. And now, for more than 70 years, this place remains one of the main sights of the capital.

Tashkent chimes

Eternal memory of the fallen in battle

Tashkent chimes are a real adornment of the city, they are tall, beautiful and embody the whole variety of Uzbek art. But not only in beauty is their true meaning. The chimes were built in memory of soldiers who fought in the World War II - the heroic defenders of the Motherland. The war claimed the lives of 430,000 Uzbek soldiers and as an eternal memory to them, every half an hour the Tashkent chimes ring their bells. After so many years, the multinational people of Uzbekistan have not forgotten about the great feat, they remember their heroes!

How did the German clock appear in Tashkent?

Tashkent chimes, which became a symbol of the capital, were brought by a respected citizen of Tashkent - Alexander Abramovich Aizenshtein. In 1945, he served in the war in the city of Koenigsberg, where the building of the town hall was located. On the tower of the town hall hung the very hours that so fondled Eisenstein and he asked to remove them before blowing up the dilapidated building. As it turned out, Eisenstein was born in the family of watchmakers and he was a skillful master himself. He proposed to transport the dial to his native city of Tashkent, for which he became famous as a real patriot. Later, Eisenstein served the Tashkent chimes for many years, repaired the mechanism and participated in the reconstructions. On the tower a sign with his name still hangs as gratitude for patriotism and a gift to his native city.

Currently, the Tashkent chimes still accurately and uninterruptedly inform the residents about the time of the day, meetings are scheduled near them, young people walk around, and in the tower building there is a café called "Kuranty" (chimes), where residents and guests of the capital have a great time.

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