Tashkent golf club on the lakes

Location - Tashkent

Tashkent golf club on the lakes is an aristocratic holiday, available for everyone!

The Tashkent golf club on the lakes is located 20 minutes away from the city center, in the Bektemir district on the lake Rohat. This huge evergreen platform is an excellent resting place for real aristocrats and gentlemen. Beautiful landscapes, clear lakes, fresh air, an ideal field for your favorite game, a comfortable hotel - there is everything for an unforgettable holiday or weekend. Frequent visitors to the Tashkent Golf Club are tourists from Russia, Kazakhstan and Japan, as well as businessmen and representatives of foreign organizations. The golf club is open all year round, so you have a great opportunity to visit this place at any convenient time of the year.

Tashkent golf club on the lakes

The length of the golf course is 7,015 meters and includes 18 standard holes surrounded by various obstacles: lakes, trees, ravines and other traps, thanks to which a victory is strongly fueled. Often there are competitions for professional golfers, as well as simple amateurs, just beginning to get acquainted with this fascinating game. The golf club has everything you need for a full and unforgettable holiday: from a first-class service with a hotel and restaurant to a personal caddy - your personal assistant in the game. All this, of course, will make your rest a first-class and give a bunch of positive emotions, embodying the benefit of nature and enjoying your favorite game.

Book a tour if you have been thinking about an active alternative vacation for a long time. Along with visiting the Tashkent Golf Club, practically every tourist program includes other interesting sights of Tashkent. So, the famous Tashkent golf club on the lakes is only a modest start to your unforgettable trip to the sunny Uzbekistan. Allow yourself some rest!

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