Sheikh Khovendi at-Takhur mausoleum

Location - Tashkent

The tomb of Sheikh Khovendi at-Takhur, a famous historical figure, Sufi, public figure, thinker and educator who lived in the 13th-14th centuries, and who travelled about Maverranakhr was built by the world-famous leader Amir Timur in the second half of the 14th century. Tamerlane was in Tashkent and treated his leg with water from the holy spring "Zem-Zem", which sprang in this area.

The place of erection of the complex was bequeathed by the sheikh himself. He told the descendants that he wanted to lie in a grove of saurs. Saur is a plant that is a tree-like juniper. According to legend, in the area where the mausoleum was erected, there was a grove of 48 saurs planted on the spot of fallen drops of water from the helmet of Alexander the Great, who drank water, which was sprang from the earth by the spring of eternal life - "Zem-Zem". By the 15th century the saurs had ceased living, and their fossilized trunks surrounded the complex.

Sheikh Khovendi at-Takhur mausoleum

With time the mausoleum of Shayhantaur began to be surrounded by mausoleums of other bright historical and political figures of Tashkent. At the end of the 19th century, there was already a complex of 16 tombs, of which only 3 were preserved. One of them is the mausoleum of Shaykhantohur.

The architecture of the building, which has come to the present day, is the result of repeated restructuring of the complex, but its permanent feature is the modesty and gentleness that was the basis of life of the person resting in it. "The wisest of the wisest," as the sheikh was known among the people, taught patience, modesty, kindness and love. The building is built of bricks and above the entrance to it you can be seen a blue majolica, which also decorates niches in the arches on the facade. At the entrance to the tomb, the sight of the fossilized trunk of the saurs is amazing, under the shadow of which the sheikh is resting. The sepulchral structure consists of two funerary halls, in the first of which a tomb of the Sheikh Khovendi at-Tahur is located under the 12-hedral dome, and in the second - the tombs of his wife and son.

The name of the district of the city "Shayhantaur" is due to the sheikh, whose tomb was erected in the territory of the capital. And the touristic value of visiting this sights is difficult to overestimate, because this object of the history of the old Shash, immerses in the architecture of that era, being in the center of a modern city of the 21st century. And being a place of pilgrimage and considering its sacredness, it amazes with its pacification and strength.

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