Catholic Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Location - Tashkent

The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Catholic temple in the Tashkent city, which is located on Sadyk Azimov Street. Its construction lasted a long 88 years and was often postponed due to lack of funds and changes in the political arena. And only after 1992, when Uzbekistan gained independence, its long-awaited restoration began.

What does it presents?

The Polish church - as it is called by local people, is built in the Gothic style. In its large halls there are prayer meals, worship services and tea-drinking. Also inside there is a rich library and a confessional, where parishioners can repent of their deeds. The most important place is the ascension hall, where celebratory services are held. The atmosphere in the temple disposed to complete peace of mind, purification, to the opportunity to touch the great and eternal. Even the architectural form, towering peaks to the sky, as if encourages people to strive for high spirituality and morality.

Catholic Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Polish Catholic Church today

Today the cathedral enjoys great popularity among the multinational people of the republic. On a daily mass representatives of Catholic Christianity come from all over Tashkent, as well as many tourists, in order to get closer to the beautiful.

The presence of a prosperous Catholic church in the color of the Eastern Muslim state speaks of a huge humanity, of a developed spirituality and friendliness that are the main features of the Uzbek people.

The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a holy place where people come to cleanse their soul, feel a little closer to the divine world, disconnect from everyday worries, gain harmony in the soul, thank the Almighty for life and the radiant sun above his head. Every believer will find a part of his soul here.

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