Temple of Holy Martyr Yermogen

Location - Tashkent

Temple of Holy Martyr Yermogen: a small Orthodox islet

The small temple of the Holy Martyr Yermogen is located in the city of Tashkent in Mirzo-Ulugbek district, on Oyshahanum street. Hidden inside the houses, it can be seen through the gray streets of its sky-blue roof with a neat little dome. From the very beginning, a small church suffered a difficult fate: its history began with the construction of St. Nikolai the Wonderworker temple, which was later demolished. A few years later, a prayer house was opened, which was also demolished after 2 years. And, finally, in 1954, during the reign of bishop Yermogen, the priest Sergei Nikitin acquires 3 dwelling houses, which later turn in to a temple. The sanctification of the new church took place on December 29, 1956, and for more than 60 years it has received hundreds of parishioners in its sacred walls.

Temple of Holy Martyr Yermogen

At the entrance to the church a worshiped marble cross stands. Prayer services are held daily by Priest Andrei Tugushev. Inside the church there are icons of the Mother of God "All joys of joy", myrrh-bearers, St. Nikolai Mirlikiyski, and other shrines.

The modest and pleasant church of the Holy Martyr Yermogen, the patron saint of these lands, always welcomes every believer, for only in such a quiet place can one gain powerful spiritual energy, nourish himself with grace, and purify the soul of worldly vanities.

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