Ice City - a year-round snow town in the center of the capital

Location - Tashkent

Ice City is a new entertainment complex, great for spending time with the family. It works year-round, so even in the hot summer you can easily find yourself among the snow and ice. Almost 16 thousand square meters, stylized under the Viking Age, the complex includes more than a dozen themed attractions and entertainment areas, including:

  • "Frozen Lake" - a huge 1,800 square meters ice rink with natural ice and immaculate glide. Skating on the ice arena of this level brings complete pleasure.
  • "Ski Slope" - a real 46-meter snow track, which can be conquered on skis or snowboard. The ski slope is great for both beginners and professionals.
  • "Speed Skating" - speed track for lovers of high speeds. If you are already standing steady on skates and want an unforgettable experience, this attraction is especially for you.

There are 4 snow slopes of different height and speed of descent in Ice City:

  • "Bob Mountain" - created specifically for fans of bob racing or sledding. Imagine you are a real Olympic champion!
  • Kamic Ice - a dizzying ice funnel shaped like a huge snake. Riding such a thematic slide will be interesting for both adults and children.
  • "Ice Vertigo" - 40 meter ice attraction for lovers of high speeds.
  • Crazy Slide - another extreme descent with a practically straight trajectory. It is recommended to go down with on a single tubing, while gaining a good speed.

The creators of the new snow city took care of the children too - several play zones and attractions are provided for them:

  • "Mini Cars" - riding single mini-cars on the icy highway. Hold a real competitions, having fun with the kids.
  • "Viking River" - sit back in big yellow boats and go on a trip along the Scandinavian river. Going with the stream, admire the originality of the ancient navigators and their crafts.
  • "Snow playground" - a real expanse for small children! Here you can play snowballs with your children, make a snowman.

Finally we suggest you to go on a land or air journey through all the environs of a snowy city. You can do this by taking a ride on a green express train or on balloons. An unusual cable car will take you all over Ice City, showing the beautiful panorama of the entire snow park.

In addition, in the snowy city there are slot machines, several cinemas and a cozy cafe. To enter the territory of  the “Ice City” you will need deposit cards with several types of tariffs: family, standard and VIP.

Come to the new entertainment complex at any time of the year, and you will have a great time with your family and friends, immersed in a winter fairy tale.


“Ice City” is located in the “Next” shopping mall in the center of the capital, on Babur Street. It's open from 10:00 to 22:00 every day without days off. Mandatory deposit on the card is about $12. The cost of attractions ranges from $0.6 to $3.

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