Ethnic town inside Tashkent: full immersion in the history of Uzbekistan

Location - Tashkent

In the very center of the capital, a newly-built landmark is opening its doors - a unique ethnic town, which presents the traditions and customs of all the peoples of Uzbekistan. In this authentic place you can see and get acquainted with the ancient culture and originality of the peoples living throughout the country. There are, just so you know, more than 120 of them!

Ethno-park has become a treasury of all kinds of Uzbek handicrafts: here you can admire gold-embroidery objects, artistic ceramics, carpet weaving, traditional dolls, knives and ceramic dishes.

New, and already loved by residents and tourists attraction, located in the "Navruz" park occupies more than 32 hectares. On such a large area, you can make not only a real tour of the heritage of our ancestors, but also mix it with a ride on the Ferris wheel and a visit to the amphitheater.

Visiting the artisan shops, buying souvenirs, tasting traditional dishes, tring on national chapans and other costumes, enjoying the diversity of the culture values of all regions, without leaving the borders of Tashkent - all this is possible in the new ethnical town.

In addition, from this year, national holidays will be celebrated in the park, such as: “Navruz”, Independence Day, Constitution Day and other significant dates, accompanied by spectacular performances and concerts. We are pleased to invite you to participate in folk festivals in the very ethnic place of the capital!

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