Barakhan Madrasah

Location - Tashkent

Madrasah Barak Khan is a famous building of 1532 year in the city of Tashkent near the "Hastimom" mahalla. The building was erected by the decree of Navruz Ahmadkhan, the ruler of that time. Madrasah is included in the famous historical complex "Hast-Imam", consisting of several buildings of different times: the "Nameless" mausoleum built for Ahmadkhan himself and later joined by a two-dome mausoleum built in honor of the then ruler of Tashkent, Suyunj Khan. Later, the Namazgokh mosque, the Mui Muborak madrassah and the Khazrati Imam cathedral mosque completed the Khast Imam square.

Barakhan Madrasah

The Legend of the Quran of Osman

The architectural complex is famous for its museum, which houses an outstanding Muslim shrine - the Quran of Osman (Uthman), dating from the 7th century. There is a belief that the Quran has gained its holiness after the blood of the Islamic ruler Osman, shed on it, when he was killed while reading. For a long time, this Quran was kept in many countries until Amir Temur brought it to Samarkand. It spent 4 centuries there and then was taken to Saint Petersburg in 1869. Only in 1924 it was returned to Uzbekistan.

The outer lining of the madrasah is represented by a multicolored mosaic and an original painted ornament. At the foot, you can see the tile inscriptions of the great poets praising the "blue palace". The three-domed building is made of brick, and the entrance gate is decorated with ivory. Madrasah had a lot to suffer because of earthquakes, but then it was restored by skilled masters. At present, there are small workshops in the madrasah, where artisans create traditional masterpieces - handkerchiefs, national souvenirs, painted plates and many other things that can be bought as a souvenir. Also a visit to this holy place is included in one-day tours around Tashkent.

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