Amir Timur Square

Location - Tashkent

Amir Temur's square is truly the center of the Tashkent city and a favorite place for citizens, tourists and guests of the capital. Meetings are appointed here, walks in the fresh air and just relax sessions.

The square was established as far back as 1882 and has suffered many changes over more than 130 years. Initially, the square was called Konstantinovsky, then Kaufmann, after the revolution in 1917 - the square of the Revolution. After gaining independence by Uzbekistan, on August 31, 1994 the square was renamed in honor of the great commander and statesman Amir Temur, having set a bronze monument of Tamerlane sitting on the horse in the center of the square. Amir Temur's motto "Power in Justice" was carved in 4 languages on the monument.

Amir Timur Square

The square is in the shape of a ring with 8 alleys, diverging into long streets and connecting with the main city roads. Around the square there are well-known buildings of national importance. Among them: the State Museum of the History of the Temurids, where thousands of exhibitions are presented, conveying the history and life of the Amir Temur’s government; the famous Tashkent chimes, built in 1947, and behind them a quiet cozy park; the building of the Law University of the XIX century, a multi-storey hotel "Uzbekistan", also the grandiose Palace of Forums, built in 2009 for international events. Every evening, around the palace, a small ensemble of fountains is turned on, which saves people from the heat, and nearby, along the street active youth entertain themselves: skating rollers, segway or cycling.

Another favorite place for young people is the so-called "Broadway", the pedestrian street Sayilgoh, which connects two main city squares - Amir Temur and Independence Square. Walking along Broadway is something unforgettable, here you can stop at a small pond with swans, go to cozy cafes and restaurants, visit a cinema or shops, and listen to street musicians. Local people enjoy bike rentals and the opportunity to look through the telescope at starry heaven during a walk. But, perhaps, the most important highlight on the local "Broadway" is street artists who, for a small fee, will professionally draw your portrait or a caricature. Also there are rows with ready-made paintings: landscapes, local attractions and still lifes. Also, various souvenirs can be bought as a souvenir, the range of art works here is very rich.

It seems that city life is boiling around the square, people are hurrying about their business and only being in the heart of the capital, this place with lots of shady trees and flowers reminds of a green oasis - a quiet islet in the midst of a bustling city and work hustle and bustle. Every evening, residents and guests of the city walk around the broad square, relax with their children and have a good time at this historically important and at the same time modern place.

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