Weekend in Samarkand

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A trip to the legendary Samarkand from Tashkent on the "Afrosiab" high-speed train. In two days you will get acquainted with all the sights of the capital of many empires of the past.

Start of the tour: Tashkent Accommodation: 3 stars.
End of tour: Tashkent Tour category: Historical tours, Sightseeing tours.
Duration: 2 days / 1 nights Сities: Tashkent, Samarkand.
  • Day 1: Tashkent - Samarkand

    08: 00-10: 45 Departure to Samarkand on the comfortable high-speed train "Afrosiab".

    Arrival in Samarkand.

    Tour in Samarkand: Mausoleum of Guri Emir - the tomb of Tamerlane (XIV-XV centuries), which was built for the grandson of Timur - Muhammad-Sultan and the tomb of three other Temurids - the sons of Timur - Miranshakh and Shahrukh and his grandson Ulugbek,

    Mausoleum of Guri Emir

    Mausoleum Rukhabad ("House of the Spirit") (External examination) - in the legend it is said that under the dome there is a casket with seven hair of the Prophet Magomed (XIV century),

    Mausoleum Rukhabad

    Registan Square (" Sand Place ") - the largest square of Samarkand: Ulugbek Madrasah - Sheikh Khoja Achror and the poet Jami were outstanding graduates of this madrasah (XV century), Madrasah Sherdor (XVII century), Madrasah Tilja-Kari ("Covered with gold") - rich gilding on the dome, walls and mihrab helped this madrasah to surpass other famous buildings in Central Asia (XVII century).

    Registan Square

    13:00-14:00 Lunch at the restaurant.

    Continuation of the tour in Samarkand: Bibi Khanum Cathedral Mosque which was named after Tamerlane's elder wife (XIV century),

    Bibi Khanum Cathedral Mosque

    world famous Samarkand bazaar - Siab,

    Siab bazaar

    Mosque Hazret Khyzira (XIX century.), architectural complex Shahi Zinda (the living King) - the necropolis on the hillside Afrosiab is connected with Kusam ibn Abbas, the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad.

    architectural complex Shahi Zinda

    14:00 Hotel accommodation and rest.

    15:00-18:00 Continuation of the excursion.

    18:00 Dinner and free time.

    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 2: Samarkand - Tashkent

    07:00-08:00 Breakfast at the hotel.

    08:00-11:00 Shopping (shopping).

    12:00 Departure from the hotel.

    12:00-16:00 Excursion around Samarkand: Ulugbek's Observatory (XIV-XV centuries) and the "Al-Bukhari" Complex.

    Ulugbek's Observatory

    16:00 Transfer to the railway station.

    17:00-19:38 Departure to Tashkent on the comfortable high-speed train "Afrosiab".

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What's included
  • Transportation: there is a return ticket for the high-speed train "Afrosiab";
  • Excursion with a guide;
  • Transportation all transfers in the tour;
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast.