Siab Bazaar

Location - Samarkand

Siab Bazaar is the oldest and largest market in the center of Samarkand. The area of the bazaar exceeds 7 hectares and it is very conveniently located near such famous buildings as Bibi-Khanum, Shakhi-Zinda and Registan Square.

It is "Siab Bazaar" that attracts locals and numerous tourists after strolling through the sights. The entrance is decorated with a high arch with a gate, at the top of which there is a blue mosaic playing in the sun. Just after crossing the gate one will see the long isles with abundance of food. It seems that there is everything here: ripe fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, spices, traditional oriental sweets, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, as well as a variety of tea – the main oriental drink.

If you visit the bazaar in the spring and summer, it will be impossible to pass by fragrant melons and watermelons. Those who love dairy products can find unusual "dry balls" called "kurt" – a traditional Uzbek product, very useful and easy-storing.

Siab Bazaar

Just like the world famous "Samarkand bread" – one of the main assets of Samarkand cuisine. There are more than 17 types of it, and its main advantage is a long period of storage, which is very good if you want to take the bread with you as a gift. There is special bread for tourists with national ornaments and inscriptions. You don't have to worry – they keep their unique taste and freshness for a very long time.

Two essential traditions in any oriental bazaar

Two essential traditions that are ingrained since the early childhood in any local are bargaining and tasting. Not a single purchase is possible without these traditional habits. Helpful sellers call customers to try their goods, gladly treat everyone, and when the customer buys something, they give a little more than they should to show the generosity and hospitality. Absolutely everyone bargains in a bazaar and this is not to lower the price, but just a habit or a reason to start a nice conversation. Since ancient times, bazaars have always been the main centers of people's gathering, both for local residents and visitors; there were always news and rumors there and the city life was humming along. It's the same today – in order to feel the ancient city of Samarkand, it is enough to drop by the "Siab Bazaar", feel its atmosphere and plunge into the national oriental flavor, which will not leave indifferent any long-awaited guest.

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