Spring tour in Uzbekistan

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Spring in Uzbekistan is the most beautiful time. Already in March the weather is warm, the trees are blooming and the grass is green. The sun shines almost always. Navruz is the spring festival here. At this time, they are preparing sumalak - an unusual dish from sprouted wheat.

Start of the tour: Tashkent Accommodation: 3 stars.
End of tour: Tashkent Tour category: Historical tours, Sightseeing tours.
Duration: 10 days / 9 nights Сities: Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand.
  • Day 1: Tashkent

    Arrival in Tashkent at 07:45.

    Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel.

    Hotel accommodation.

    12:00 Excursion around Tashkent. In Khast-Imam you will visit the madrasah of Barak Khan, Tillya-Sheikh mosque, mausoleum of Abu Bakr Kaffal Shashi

    and Islamic Institute named after Imam al-Bukhari.

    Free time.

    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 2: Tashkent

    9:00 Breakfast.

    10:00 Continuation of the excursion program in Tashkent.

    13:00 Lunch.

    14:00 Continuation of the tour around Tashkent: in the old part of Tashkent - Madrasah Kukeldash,

    eastern bazaar.

    At 18:00 Visit to the Theater (Drama or Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater).

    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 3: Tashkent - Khiva

    05:00 Transfer to the airport.

    Departure Tashkent-Urgench at 07:40.

    Arrival to Urgench at 09:20.

    Meeting at the airport.

    Transfer to Khiva.

    Arrival and accommodation at the hotel.

    At 12:00 City tour: Kalta Minor Minaret,

    Islam Hoja Complex,

    Tash-Hovli Palace,

    Madrasah of Muhammad Aminhan.

    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 4: Khiva - Bukhara

    Breakfast at 9:00.

    At 10:00 Transfer from Khiva to Bukhara (5-6 hours).

    Hotel accommodation.

    18:00 Dinner at the restaurant Lyabi-House.

    Free time.

    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 5: Bukhara

    At 9:00 Breakfast at the hotel.

    At 10:00 Sightseeing tour around the city. Before lunch you will see Samanid mausoleum,

    mausoleum of Chashma Ayub,

    Bolo Haus mosque.

    After lunch, continue the tour on foot in the old part of the city of Bukhara.

    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 6: Bukhara - Samarkand

    At 9:00 Breakfast.

    10:00 Excursion: for the city to the summer residence of the last Bukhara emir Sitorai Mohi-Khos,

    visit to mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshbandi - the founder of the Sufi Order of Naqshbandiy,

    mausoleum Chashma-Ayub,

    necropolis Chor Bakr.

    14:00 Bukhara-Samarkand trip (3-4 hours).

    Arrival and accommodation at the hotel.

    Free time.

    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 7: Samarkand

    At 9:00 Breakfast at the hotel.

    Excursion day in Samarkand: before lunch you will visit - Registan Square,

    Shokhi-Zinda necropolis,

    Ulugbek's Observatory,

    museum of Afrosiab city foundation.

    After lunch - Gur-Emir mausoleum,

    Bibi-Hanim mosque,

    eastern bazaar.

    At 19:00 Dinner at the restaurant "Samarkand".

    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 8: Samarkand - Tashkent

    8:30 Transfer to the station.

    Departure to Tashkent by train Afrosiab, departure time of train 09:41, time of arrival to Tashkent 11:40.

    Meeting and accommodation at the hotel.

    Free time.

    At 19:00 Dinner at the restaurant "La piola".

    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 9: Tashkent

    At 8:00 Breakfast.

    9:00 A trip to the mountains. Sightseeing tour of Charvak.

    At 14:00 Lunch at the restaurant "Cinara's".

    At 18:00 Transfer to Tashkent.

    Free time.

    00:00 Transfer to the airport.

  • Day 10: Tashkent

    Flight Tashkent-Riga, departure time 03:25

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20 pers. 40 pers. $450 *
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What's included
  • Accommodation in 3-star hotels with breakfast (standard twin rooms);
  • Meeting/seeing off in all cities;
  • Maintenance of the guide;
  • Sightseeing tours in all cities;
  • Tickets for the plane: Tashkent-Urgench;
  • Tickets for the train: Samarkand-Tashkent.
What’s not included
  • Entrance tickets to museums, monuments;
  • Personal expenses;
  • Lunch and dinner.





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